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  • In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where Aegis destroyers, stealth fighters, robot fighters and smart cities are located, smart operating systems are being built by smart weapons systems. In addition, the aspect of future wars is expected to become unclear on military non-military boundaries, and so on, so-called hybrid warfare, which is a mixture of non-regular, asymmetric, cyber warfare and electronic warfare, and so on. With the advent of a new aspect of war, we want to diagnose the problems of mobilization supplies, equipment management and the current situation to prepare for future war. Next, we are going to propose an alter-native to smart resource management, which is the basis for smart military operations by utilizing the Internet of Things (Internet of Things) and applying it to the era of the fourth industrial revolution based on connectivity and convergence. To establish a smart operational system for future warfare, two major alternatives are to improve the production, management, and transport of mobilization materials, equipment and resources management. One is to utilize technologies that are discussed as a category of the fourth industrial revolution based on the ongoing IOT, and the second is to utilize and connect excellence in logistics, which is the resource management of private companies. Such smarting could enhance the co-operation between ground, air and sea operations and streamline joint operations with allies, thus enhancing the efficiency of the smart operational system against future warfare. As a comprehensive system of the above-mentioned alternative proposals, the system should enhance the systematic link between the laws applied during the war and the ordinarily written ones.
    Keyword:Future War, Hybrid War, Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT, Smart Military Operations
  • This study aims to inquiry the moral injury or some moral wounds in military situation. In addition, this research presents new approach to overcome moral injury in military war, illustrating the conflict between the performance of his mission and the damage of civilians, and a problem solution to treatment method of the moral injury. Recent research has provided compelling evidence of mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), related to the war-experience. In the theoretical background, we also looked at some previous research on approaches to moral injury. Then this is going to approach to moral injury, while sharing some soldiers’ experiences attended in battles. A healing program for soldiers who are morally hurt by future wars should go beyond the existing psychological-based PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) healing program. The moral injury of each soldier should be explained in a series of moral conflicts throughout whole lives. This paper shows some soldiers real testimony of moral injury caused by war experiences are presented as cases. These cases, including Vietnam Veterans who reported killing were twice, are well-understood examples to represent the moral injury of psychological trauma related to war-experiences. In this article, we propose a possible solution for moral injury-related psychological trauma in military based on the concept of moral injury. As a result, this research will contribute to give an implication to create a general community made by civil and military mutual understanding.
    Keyword:Moral Injury, War, Soldiers, Community, Psychological-Based PTSD
  • This study aims to examine what difficulties and task stress factors the actual female soldiers have in carrying out their duties. Now is the time to come up with qualitative development and improvement measures for women solders. So the scope of this study was actually interviewed by non-commissioned women officers, especially the 125 female staffs of the Navy and Marine Corps. Interviews have led to the biggest job stress factor, aimed at identifying and improving what factors exist. Interviews showed that the biggest job-stress factors are stereotypes about women, male-centered military culture, professional anxiety caused by unpredictable long-term service problems, and other problems of job stress from soldiers and their relationship with their successor, as well as pregnancy and child care from marriage. These job-stress factors have led to a relatively large drop in job satisfaction. The study shows meaningful results that it can be u sed as a reference to understand job stress factors of non-commissioned women officers . And this research will give some implication to making defense policy focusing on the women officers and n on commissioned office.
    Keyword:Job Stress, Non-Commissioned Women Officers, Military Culture, Stress Factors, Leadership
  • Some leading spacefaring nations, like the United States(US), have been prioritizing missile defense for their homeland security by making the best out of the space infrastructure, which is believed to realize more effective, as well as proactive, defense. Technically, the space-based sensor layers play an indispensable role in the execution of the Ballistic Missile Defense System(BMDS). For instance, the US Space-based Kill Assessment(SKA) project, led by the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency(MDA), represents one of the latest attempts to strengthen the layered satellite sensor systems, and eventually to reinforce the American missile defense capabilities, such as the BMDS, by 2020. The SKA experiment is noteworthy also in a sense that the kill assessment sensors will be piggy-backed on commercial satellites mainly for the cost-savings benefits. This reportedly first partnership of the MDA with commercial stakeholders for its space applications evokes the enduring debate over the dual-use objects as a potential aid to space weapons. It is true, to some extent, that the increasing cooperation between the defense and the commercial industry sectors permits more ‘economical’ investments in outer space, and facilitates its efficient use for national security interests. However, this approach may simultaneously generate the consequence of jeopardizing the current regulatory framework and norms that the international community had long been trying to establish in order to ‘peacefully’ preserve outer space as a common heritage of all mankind. Considering to-day’s paradigm shift from global harmonization to reverted nationalism, the sustainability of our civilization may, after all, depend on each national government's choice; i.e., in which direction they would form their space policy and how far to go.
    Keyword:Space Militarization, Space-Based Missile Defense, Sensor-Layered Defense, Space-Based Kill Assessment(SKA), Military-Industry Alliance
  • NORTH KOREA has claimed about dissolution of UN forces and withdrawal of USFK to induce early withdrawal of USFK by proposing a peace agreement with the United States. If a peace agreement is concluded to establish the peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, will the purpose of UN forces be disappeared and it be dissolved? There is a low possibility that UN forces will be dissolved in the armistice agreement regime, but if dissolved, how does it affect the parties of the armistice agreement? In addition, North Korea possibly demand the dissolution of US forces as well as the withdrawal of USFK if peace agreement is concluded. So we have to prepare for what logic we should respond to this.
    Keyword:UN Forces, USFK, Military Enforcement Action of the Security Council, Armistice Resime, Peace Agreement