1. J-INSTITUTE conference presentation conditions are reviewed prior to presentation, and you can participate in the conference only if you meet the requirements.
  2. Papers to be presented at conferences must be up-to-date, and papers that have already been Published in Journal or Book Cannot be Presented at Conferences.
  3. In principle, the paper presented at the conference will be Submitted to J-INSTITUTE Journals after reviewing, reflecting, and supplementing the advice of the panelists.
  4. If there is an complain by the author, the review of the Managing Editor shall be followed.


Conference Schedule

Submission 6/20 12/20
Single Blind Review 6/30 12/30
Accepted 1/5 7/5
Presentation Open Open

Check Your Proseeding

  1. Creativity <10 points>
    1. The paper have original value as a theme that can be accepted international.
    2. The paper must state proper previous studies and explain the differentiation between them.
  2. Methodology <10 points>
    1. The paper the use a methodology suitable for the purpose of the research.
    2. The paper has valuable results and conclusions according to the methodology.
  3. Logical <10 points>
    1. This paper has logical author’s argument and the results are concrete and clear.
    2. This paper is faithful in English grammar, expression, and legibility.
  4. Citation <10 points>
    1. The paper must have more than 30 References (journal article).
    2. 5 of which must be cited from the journal with high international visibility (written in English).
  5. Practical <10 points>
    1. This paper applicable and practical in the field.
    2. This paper stimulate further additional research.
  6. Structure <25 points>
    1. This paper consists of approximately 8 to 10 Pages.
    2. The Abstract is divided into the purpose, method, result, and conclusion of the study. Was it written about 20 lines.
    3. The square brackets were used from the introduction to cite references such as [1], [2], [3], etc. and they should be sky-blue.
    4. The paper should include structured Tables and table titles.
    5. The paper should include structured Figures and figures titles.
  7. Format <25 points>
    1. The paper contains 5 keywords, with the first letter of the word capitalized.
    2. The large table of contents is capitalized with the first letter of the word,
      and the small table of contents is capitalized only for the first letter of the sentence.
    3. The first letters of all words in the bibliography are capitalized.
    4. The journal name is written in full name rather than abbreviated notation in the reference list.
    5. The DOI Address of the journal article is inscribed.



Number Title Author Date Votes Views
3rd J-INSTITUTE Conference
admin | 2022.10.02 | Votes 0 | Views 96
admin 2022.10.02 0 96
2nd J-INSTITUTE Conference
admin | 2022.01.09 | Votes 0 | Views 392
admin 2022.01.09 0 392
1st J-INSTITUTE Conference
admin | 2021.07.17 | Votes 0 | Views 503
admin 2021.07.17 0 503

Editing Sample

Admission & Submission Form

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Submission Form


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  1. Admission Form (In case of first submission)
  2. Submission Form
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Single Blind Peer Review


Article Processing Charge (APCs)

  1. Admission Membership Registration is a Basic Condition for Submitting a Conference Proceedings
    Members are Eligible to Submit Papers to Conference Presentation by J-INSTITUTE.
  2. All Authors participating in the conference are required to proceed with an admissions membership.
Admission Membership a basic requirement for attending the conference
1. Archive
2. Certificate
Lifetime Member
It is selected in consideration of the member’s research capacity and the lifetime membership is maintained.
500 USD 0 USD
Family Member
It is selected in consideration of the member’s research capacity and the Limited to that year membership is maintained.
100 USD
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This regulation is held quarterly a year for the purpose of improving the academic value of journals published by J-INSTITUTE.

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