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  • Purpose: This study complements some of the limitations of the past developed tool for measuring medical ethics consciousness of Korean young students. Method: This study was based on the past tool which was developed according to G. Lind of Germany. The validity process followed the verification procedure of Moral Competence Test (MCT) proposed by G. Lind. To get much higher validation, this study got advices from 3 specialist in the sphere of moral education. Results: This study adopted the result of the past medical ethics consciousness measurement tool. Its whole validation did cover three major processes, preference hierarchy by moral development, affective-cognitive parallelism test, quasi-simplex structure of inter-correlations between the six moral orientations test by L. Kohlberg. This past tool showed weakness in the point of preference hierarchy test. Especially the tool got some strange situation at 1st stage and 4th stage. To back up this weakness, we made a decision to receive specialists’ advices. So we interviewed 3 people who is professor or research fellow in the sphere of moral education. We could arrived at more advanced level for medical ethics consciousness. Conclusion: This study showed the more advanced medical ethics consciousness tool. Next time it is necessary to generalized through deep research using much broader topics in the medical ethics.
    Keyword:Medical Consciousness Measurement Tool, Moral Competence Test, Preference Hierarchy by Moral Development, Affective-Cognitive Parallelism Test, Quasi-Simplex Structure of Inter Correlations between the Six Moral Orientations Test
  • Purpose: The stadiums play an important role in the development of a city. It is not only the place to hold sport events, but also an important regulating factor for the development of a city. Under the theme of sustainable development, how to develop stadiums to play the biggest role in urban development is the topic. This paper aims to make stadium become the driving force of regional environmental change, and provide necessary conditions for urban regeneration and renewal, so as to drive the realization of sustainable development of the city through urban renewal and upgrading. Method: In this paper, CiteSpace 5.7.R5 was used as the research tool, the core database of Web of Science was selected as the literature source, the stadiums or venues and urban development and Olympic legacy were taken as the search terms, and the literature type was set as literature. A total of 1912 literature from 2010 to 2021 were selected for visualized analysis to draw the knowledge map of stadiums and urban development, and the number of published papers, institutions and research hotspots of related research on stadiums and urban development were studied. Results: Firstly, according to the published number of related research on the stadiums and urban development from 2010 to 2021, this period presented three different stages. The number of literature published on topics related to stadiums and urban development from 2010 to 2015 was relatively stable. From 2016 to 2018, the research on stadiums and urban development showed a sharp decrease, and the research enthusiasm began to decline. Between 2018 and 2021, the number of studies gradually increased and reached the highest number. Then, universities at home and abroad were the main research institutions on stadiums and urban development, and kept a continuous focus on this topic. Finally, the research focus in this field focused on the construction and development of stadiums, mega sport events and stadiums and the relationship between stadiums and urban development from architecture and city and link of stadiums, city and mega sport event. Conclusion: From 2010 to 2021, domestic and foreign scholars maintained a certain amount of enthusiasm in the research on stadiums and urban development, with a large number of research results. With the holding of the Olympic Games, the number of literature also increases, which provides reference resources for the follow-up research on the stadium and urban development. Second, universities at home and aboard have conducted more research on stadiums and urban development than other types of institutions. Finally, the research hotspots on stadium and urban development focuses on the analysis of the construction and development of stadium from different perspectives, mega sport events, and the relationship between stadiums and urban development from architecture and city and link of stadiums, city and mega sport event.
    Keyword:Sport Stadiums, Urban Development, Visualized Analysis, Research Hotspots, Cite Space
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to propose a Public lifelong education model for the second life plan of middle-aged and elderly people in order to cope with the rapid progress of today's aging society. Public support is needed so that middle-aged adults can design their second life and live successfully according to their own plans. In this study, the purpose is to propose a lifelong education model for the second life design and support for middle-aged adults. Method: The research method of this study used various methods such as literature research, Delphi research, and expert advisory meeting. First, literature research and previous studies related to life redesign and second life of middle-aged adults were analyzed. And, using the components of the middle-aged adult lifelong education model of the expert group extracted from the Delphi survey results. Finally, a lifelong education model was developed to support the second life plan for middle-aged and elderly people by collecting and reflecting the opinions of the expert group. Results: As a result of the study, the second life support lifelong education model for middle-aged and elderly people focuses on middle-aged learners, and analyzes the second life plan of middle-aged and elderly through counseling on life course and learning according to the learner's personal career and orientation. It is necessary to develop lifelong education programs that can support this and guide them to participate in such lifelong education. Conclusion: Supporting the second life plan for middle-aged and elderly people is not something that any individual or institution can do. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the lifelong education model that supports the second life plan of the middle-aged and elderly with a strategy that connects and utilizes existing systems and functions to the maximum extent.
    Keyword:Lifelong-Education, Lifelong-Learning, Aging-Society, Second-Life-Design, Lifelong-Education-Model
  • Purpose: Traditional Korean patterns, which have continued throughout our life history, have developed into decorative patterns that apply dots, lines, and colors today through changes in the times. It is an important inspiration for the creation of various sculptures against the backdrop of a sense of beauty in modern society, and this is no exception in the field of beauty design. This study aims to expand the range of expressions on masks by applying makeup design to art masks by applying traditional Korean patterns and obang colors. Method: First, we consider the theoretical background of Korean traditional patterns, obang colors, and art masks. Second, we analyze the characteristics of traditional Korean patterns and obang colors. Third, we analyze the concept and expression techniques of art masks. Fourth, based on the above research, art mask works are produced based on traditional Korean patterns and obang colors. As a research method, we will focus on domestic dissertations and professional books and present a wide range of art mask designs by applying traditional Korean patterns and obang colors. Results: The first work was based on the motif of ghost painting, which recognized ghosts as good beings, not evil beings, and expressed the main pattern of ghost painting in a three-dimensional manner. The second work is based on lotus patterns, and it expresses a beautiful, colorful, but sad lotus flower by contrasting the lotus patterns with two colors. The third work is based on dragon patterns, and since ancient times, dragons and phoenixes have expressed the best as imaginary animals in myths and legends. Conclusion: Traditional patterns and obang colors have been studied in various fields in modern times, and traditional patterns and obang colors have been used in various fields in the beauty design field recently. Based on the results of this study, various scope of art mask design research using Korean traditional patterns and obang colors were presented within art makeup design.
    Keyword:Art Mask, Obang Color, Korean, Patterns, Traditional
  • Purpose: This study aimed to analyze the relation between the desire to consume customized cosmetics and the purchase intention in middle-aged women. In the relation between these variables, the mediating effect of customer empathy is confirmed. The purpose is to present the implications of the individual public value of beauty services for the expansion of middle-aged women consumption of customized cosmetics. Method: This study used the SPSS 22.0 program as the empirical analysis method for the 515 copies of an online questionnaire for middle-aged women in 17 cities and provinces nationwide. In order to verify the desire to consume cosmetics and the mediating effect of customized cosmetics salesperson’s customer empathy, a re-verification was performed through regression analysis and the Sobel-test according to the mediating effect verification procedure proposed by Baron & Kenny(1986). Results: In Research Question 1, in regards to the desire to consume cosmetics, the desire for brand and self-expression, for relations and belonging, for nature-friendliness, and for pleasure have a significant positive(+) effect on the purchase intention of customized cosmetics. In Research Question 2, the desire for safety, for nature-friendliness, and for pleasure had a significant positive(+) effect. In addition, in Research Question 3, the desire for safety(p<.01), for nature-friendliness(p<. 05), and for pleasure(p<.05) mediate the salesperson’s empathy towards the customer and their influence on purchase intention was partly significant. Conclusion: This study results show the positive effect of emotional empathy on consumers purchase through the customized cosmetics salesperson cognitive empathy and the importance of their ability to empathize in order to induce the consumer's purchasing behavior. Therefore, in the future, customized cosmetics sellers need not only to equip them with specialized knowledge and qualifications to obtain the public value purchase of products and services through empathy, but also to provide training programs.
    Keyword:Middle-Aged Women, Customized Cosmetics, Consumption Desire, Purchase Intention, Salesperson Customer Empathy
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to verify the difference according to gender and age among general characteristics as stress factors in the Korean security police in terms of public value. Through the verification of the difference between these two factors, a discussion was conducted about which gender and age group perceived more occupational stress and how to effectively control it. Method: In this study, among police officers in the security department as of 2020 who had experience in work related to North Korean defectors, 100 trainees in the Police Human Resources Development Institute were surveyed via self-administration method. Among the collected survey questionnaires, 91 were selected as valid samples, excluding those whose answers were incomplete or missing. Results: As a result of the study, there was a significant difference in Q-5 as a difference in stress according to sex. Specifically, men were higher than women at the 1% significance level. Significant differences were found in Q-6, Q-7, and Q-8 in stress according to age. In all three questions, those in their fifties and above showed the highest at the 5% significance level, and those in their twenties showed the lowest stress. Conclusion: According to the results of the study, there were significant differences in stress according to gender and age, and as a measure to reduce stress, organization should actively clarify the work environment, job system, and promotions, the direction and goals of the security police organization within a comprehensive security concept, and maintain efforts to reduce the burden of work in a male-centered organizational culture.
    Keyword:Public Value, Police, Stress, Gender, Age
  • Purpose: Although children's parks are easily accessible from anywhere in the vicinity, there are many children's parks that children are ignoring. This study aims to provide a variety of activities to residents by utilizing these parks. In particular, these parks can be used as an alternative to creating a place for active play and effective exercise for the elderly who spend free time in an aging society. This study suggested using the existing children's play space as a complex play and exercise space with the elderly. Method: This paper selected 63 children's parks in Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City, and analyzed them by dividing them into three residential types. Population change trends were investigated from 2005 to 2020, when children's parks were subdivided. This paper conducted a one-way ANOVA analysis to find out the difference by park facilities in children's parks. Post-hoc analysis was performed by the Scheffe test. To conduct the above statistical analysis, this paper used the Spss Statistics 21 statistics program. Results: As a result of analyzing the change in the total population composition of Suseong-gu, where the children's park is located, the population of infants and children decreased, and the population of the elderly increased. The designation of children's parks has declined since the 1990s. It was found that the number of children by housing type decreased little by little every year. This paper analyzed that the park area by residential type was the largest for children's parks located in mixed housing areas. In addition, it was found that many children's play facilities were installed in mixed residential areas. Conclusion: This study propose that if we increase the utilization rate of children's parks that lack user consideration and utilize children's parks within the living area, we can solve outdoor activities for the elderly according to the rapidly progressing aging age. In particular, if the children's park is made into a multi-purpose culture, sports, and amusement park that not only the elderly but also children and young people can use, it will be of great help to the utilization of the park.
    Keyword:Park, Children's Park, Aging, Playing Facilities, Playing Environment
  • Purpose: Government R&D investment maintains the expansion of R&D investment in key promotion fields such as finding future growth engines, economic innovation, and future biotech strategy. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of R&D investment in response to the worsening financial condition of the government, as manifested by slowing economic growth and increasing welfare demand. This study aims to analyze the factors affecting R&D performance, focusing on government funding. We investigate the impact of research papers, patents, and commercialization performance by controlling characteristics of researchers who have received government projects. We expect to present policy ideas that can enhance R&D performance. Method: This study applies multiple regression to the analysis. The data used in this survey are data on the implementation status and performance of national R&D projects by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Information and the Korea Science and Technology Evaluation. This survey provides basic data for promoting evidence-based efficient national R&D projects and presenting policy direction. The study will use the most recently published data for 2016. Results: Government R&D funding has a positive effect on enhancing scientific and technological performance, SCI, and Patents. But there is no effect on commercialization of the Government R&D funding. Second, it is shown that SCI, Patents, and commercialization are higher in project status than a new project. Third, in the case of SCI, patents, the performance of government-affiliated and universities, is generally higher than the National Institute. Fourth,fundingon new technologies ofIT sector showed higher performance than SCI and Patents. Finally, rural variables have higher commercialization performance in other regions than Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi. Conclusion: This suggests that Government R&D should continue to be supported. Also, the government R&D support on Government-affiliated and universities plays a positive role. Our findings suggest that Government R&D funding should be concentrated on technology characteristics. As well as, Government R&D funding should take regional characteristics into account when considering commercialization performance.
    Keyword:R&D Performance, Government R&D Funding, Efficiency, Policy Ideas, New Growth Theory