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  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to present the direction for not only hosting sports events but also managing them by examining and understanding the influence of the sense of creation via watching sports events on the social adaptation and the feeling of happiness. Method: In this study, convenience sampling was used for the sampling method for 260 people who experienced watching sports events in 2021, and the survey was conducted by using the self-administration method. Among the collected questionnaires, 249 questionnaires were used as valid samples, excluding the data with insincere responses or omissions of some of the contents of the survey. The frequency analysis, Cronbach's α coefficient calculation, confirmatory factor analysis, correlation analysis, and the structural equation model using the statistical package program SPSS 23.0 Program and AMOS 18.0, were performed. Results: In this study, as a result of the confirmatory factor analysis performed across all measurement items, it was confirmed that the model fit criteria were satisfied, and it turned out that there was no problem with concentrated validity. There was no multi-collinearity problem in the correlation between the variables, and it turned out that all fit indices were satisfied in the model fit of the study. The standardized coefficient value for the effect of sense of creation via watching sports events on social adaptation turned out to be .289, which turned out to have a significant effect at a significance level of .001, and the standardized coefficient value for the effect of the sense of creation via watching sports events on the feeling of happiness turned out to be .312 with a significant effect at the significance level of .001. The standardized coefficient value for the effect of social adaptation on the feeling of happiness turned out to be .326, which demonstrated a significant effect at the significance level of .001. Conclusion: The conclusions reached by undergoing the research process demonstrate the fact that the sense of creation via watching sports events influences the social adaptation and feeling of happiness, and expectations about the economic, temporal, and social costs of spectators via watching sports events, and the participation of excellent players, efforts to improve performance, and provision of various convenience facilities are needed to ensure that they can feel satisfaction.
    Keyword:Sports, Sports Events, Sense of Creation, Social Adaptation, Feeling of Happiness
  • Purpose: This study was to identify and to recognize the critical moment of NBA official data using sport analytics techniques. Previous studies have already had the research area on the basketball that the sport science was to be applied into enhancing of performance in the practice. The official data was recently considered in many researchers that the official data has been gathered by scientific methods such as advanced technologies. Current trend of performance analysis of sport intends to extent the data range that the official data could be gathered from the official website and it would be a massive dataset. Method: The sport analytics techniques using big data analysis were utilized that the NBA official data from 2015-2016 to 2020-2021 seasons contained more than 3,040,000 events. The Python scripts to gather the NBA official data were utilized and the gathered data as csv format. All analysis of data was executed within R studio with R programming that the changes of numbers of events between seasons and successful rate of each events were compared in this study. Statistically, the frequency analysis was used for the determination of data. Results: This study was to recognize the critical moment among the NBA official data that there were two findings mainly. First of all, frequencies of events on 2-pt jump shots have been decreasing and frequencies of events on 3-pt jump shots have been increasing between season. Particularly, the short-distance shots such as 2-pt tip-in, 2-pt layup, 2-pt jump shots were more presented in each season than the long-distance shots. Secondly, the successful rate of shots and outcomes between season have not been differently presented. Conclusion: Consequently, this study has found the displacement of critical changes within the official NBA data that it could indicate the originality of basketball match rather than characteristics of playing. It is also important that the playing trend would be differently observed when the skill or players’ style was able to be considered. Further research is also required that the critical point of recording change on the sequencies of time line would need to be concerned.
    Keyword:Basketball, Statistics, Sport Analytics, Frequency Analysis, Playing Trend in Basketball
  • Purpose: Soccer, as the most representative team sport, is an event that shows the best performance by forming organizational and cohesiveness within the team through interactions between leaders and players and players and players. Also, soccer players feel various psychological changes and experience stress, which is a negative emotional or psychological state in various situations such as maladaptation to the environment, defeat, and immaturity in performance. Athlete Stress, exercise flow and exercise exhaustion of college football players are highly correlated with each other, and it is necessary to understand the relationship between various variables to effectively cope with stress for players to improve their performance. The purpose of this study is to analyze the structural relationship between stress, exercise flow, and exercise exhaustion of college football players. Method: In this study, a questionnaire was conducted through convenience sampling among 250 college soccer players belonging to the University Soccer Federation, and among them, 215 copies of the questionnaire were analyzed according to the purpose of the study, excluding 35 copies of the questionnaires that were answered insincerely. To achieve the purpose of this study, frequency analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, reliability verification, and correlation analysis were performed using SPSS 26.0 and Amos 21.0, and the structural equation model was verified. Results: The mean of each variable was 2.524 to 4.516, and the standard deviation was .613 to 1.464. As a result of examining the kurtosis and skewness values for normality verification, the skewness was .903 to .384, and the kurtosis was from .975 to -.026. As a result of confirmatory factor analysis, χ²=99.092(df=41, p<.001, Q=2.417), TLI=903, CFI=.928, RMSEA=.081, and the standardization coefficient were .627-939. appear. Exercise stress was found to have a negative effect on exercise commitment. Exercise stress was found to have a positive effect on exercise exhaustion. Exercise commitment was found to have a negative effect on exercise exhaustion. Conclusion: Based on the results, the necessity of developing a stress management program to improve the performance of college football players and applying it to the current situation was suggested. The necessity of developing a stress management program to improve the performance of college football players and Stress has a negative effect on exercise flow, which means that systematic stress management is required for athletes. Second, stress is a variable that directly affects exercise exhaustion. Finally, exercise flow helps to lower exercise exhaustion. As a suggestion based on this research results, it is necessary to efficiently manage the stress of soccer players by exploring the stress factors of elementary, middle, and high school soccer players. Second, it is necessary to develop a program that can efficiently manage stress for college football players and analyze the effect by applying it to the field. Lastly, since the psychological state of the coaches directly affects the players, it is necessary to efficiently manage the stress of the coaches through research on the stress factors of the coaches as well as the players.
    Keyword:Stress, Exercise Flow, Exercise Exhaustion, Performance, Soccer
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the emotional labor environment of sports instructors at elementary schools in Jeonbuk and the quality of life of them to figure out the difficulties faced by the sports instructors in the field in order to present improvement plans. Method: Specifically, the following results were derived from conducting in-depth interviews with sports instructors of Jeonbuk by using a semi-structured questionnaire from November 2020 until December 2020 as the purposeful sampling method. Results: First, most of the elementary school sports instructors were temporary workers for the term of less than one year, and they complained of serious emotional labor in their discussion with school officials and consumers in the processes of contract renewal, opening classes for additional sports activities such as after school classes, and notification of contract renewal. Second, the sports instructor hiring method dependent to the discretion of school officials and the form of employment with a period of employment shorter than one year were leading to the lack of expertise in physical education of sport instructors and the necessity for sport instructors to have a sideline for livelihood. Third, although the role of sports instructor is assisting home room teachers in physical education classes, the roles and work of sports instructors were not clearly identified, and sports instructor were leading actual physical education activities. Fourth, although sports instructors had the status of instructors, they were performing the work of teachers, but there was no study space (desk, computer, chair, etc.), locker room, or resting space for sports instructors and sports instructors were seriously discriminated in terms of welfare. Conclusion: In particular, during physical education classes at nearby schools to which they were dispatched once or twice a week, sports instructors were taking a rest in their private car between classes.
    Keyword:Elementary Schools, Emotional Labor, Work Environment, Quality of Life, Sports Instructors
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to compare the flexibility of high school baseball players’ LBP Group and bilateral lower extremity muscles. Method: This study conducted a questionnaire survey and measurement of muscle flexibility targeting 23 high school baseball players in Korea. The questionnaire consisted of 7 items on basic information and 4 items on past and present back pain, and muscle flexibility measurement (Tomas test, Hip extension, HBD, SLR, Trunk rotation) tests were conducted. As for the data processing of this study, the mean and standard deviation of all questions were calculated by using the SPSS 26.0 package. The two-way ANOVA was performed to examine the effect of each measurement according to the LBP Group (LBP; presence or absence) × both sides (dominant, non-dominant), and if an interaction was found, the post hoc test was conducted. The independent sample t-test and paired t-test were performed for the post hoc verification. The statistical significance level was based on p<.05. Results: As a result of the Thomas test conducted for the LBP Group and both sides of the lower extremity muscle flexibility, the both sides of the main effect turned out to be significant [F(1,21)=4.905, p<.05]. In the case of the hip extension, the main effect of both sides turned out to be significant [F(1,21)=6.768, p<.05], and the main effect of the LBP Group also turned out to be significant [F[(1,21)=5.065, p<.05]. Furthermore, in the case of the SLR, the main effect of the LBP Group turned out to be significant [F(1,21)=5.395, p<.05]. Conclusion: Gathering the results above, as a cause of the LBP among the high school baseball players, there is a possibility that a decrease in flexibility due to hip flexion and extensor tension may be induced, and hence, the possibility of inducing LBP was confirmed due to the excessive use of the back muscles of the accelerator during the pitching and hitting sections. In the future studies, it is necessary to develop and apply the programs which can prevent and rehabilitate the LBP.
    Keyword:High School Baseball Player, LBP, ROM, Lower Extremity Muscle Flexibility, Dominant and Non-Dominant

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