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  • The Korean government recently announced a strong motivation to introduction of a local police system. The local police system is within the scope of local self-government and can not be discussed separately from local self-government. In other words, it is necessary to introduction of a local police system to complete the local self-governing system and to promote its system. The local police system should be able to realize the basic ideology of the local self-government of the constitution and the grassroots of democracy. To do so, the local police system needs to be implemented by the basic local government. In addition, the local police office should be able to carry out the tasks required for securing the local security, such as advanced overseas systems. However, the current Korean government has a limit that does not meet the intent of local self-government. In other words, the local police system is set up as a metropolitan government, which has the limitation of violating the rights of the basic local government. In addition, in the case of the local police affairs, it is restricted to the administrative police affairs and simple sexual violence and domestic violence, therefore its limited to per-form the police affairs. Therefore, this study examines whether the local police system announced by the present government meets the local self-governing system.
    Keyword:Local Police System, Decentralization of Power, Independent Sovereignty, The Local Police Force Developed Countries, Basic Local Government
  • The study, recognizing the social issues and severity of short-term temporary officials, would seek for improvement plan for short-term temporary police officials who are in the most inferior position in practice, by monitor-ing their conditions and drawing limitations and problems. Through official statistics and reference review, the concept and the policy of short-term temporary police official are analyzed, and through in-depth interview with former short-term temporary police officials, current police officer and experts, pragmatic operational condition of the officials to identify institutional problems and to suggest subsequent improvement plan. The research result has its significance in being utilized as basic research material for operation of the short-term temporary police official and effective personnel management.
    Keyword:Term Temporary Police Official, Depth Interview, Personnel Management, Recruitment and Appointment, Working System
  • The purpose of this study is to examine the appropriateness of the Korean police English test, to analyze the test types, to discuss the related issues, and to find out the effective employment method of police officers by conducting more efficient English test. This study examines the types of police English tests currently being con-ducted and looks at how they relate to police job relevance and how helpful they are. The results of the study are as follows. The current police English test is presented as a multiple choice type, and it is judged to be a type that examines the degree of knowledge related to English, not the type that assesses the actual use ability of English. It is designed to find the correct answers based on the candidate's grammar and vocabulary knowledge, so it does not have much effect on practical help when using English in real working environment. In a real working environment, when a common police officer uses English, communication and understanding based on mutual communication become a prerequisite. However, current testing does not meet these requirements. Therefore, the items used in the police recruitment test also need to be modified to meet the conditions. The most appropriate type of test for assessing English proficiency is judged to be essay writing and in-depth interview. This test type is effective in identifying the candidate's language proficiency and expressiveness. Changes in the type of English test will have a direct impact on the police work activities and should be improved with close attention.
    Keyword:Foreign-Affairs Police, Police Recruitment Test, Foreigner-Related Crimes, ESP & EOP Training, Problem-Solving Ability