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  • With the launch of the Park Jeong-hee government and the enactment of the「Presidential Security Law」, the Korean security system could turn into being a professional security agency, however, the ongoing threats by North Korea are causing the terrorism against the Korean key figures. Especially, recent territorial disputes surrounding neighboring countries of the Korean peninsula are height-ening the tensions of Northeast Asia. Moreover, Northeast Asia's tensions are reaching its peak due to North Korea's hereditary power succession of three generations, nuclear development, and the launch of the Intercon-tinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM). South Korea has successfully hosted large-scale international events such as Asia-Europe Meeting, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, G20(Group of 20) Summit and Nuclear Security Summit in the past, and will soon be hosting the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Game. However, looking back at the domestic cases, we can reconsider the historical mistake of frequent terrorism against VIP in the political turmoil with neighboring countries, and we should realize that the disruption within North Korea caused by the economic sanctions of the international community can lead to terrorism against South Korea. In this regard, this study brought out the common concept and methodology by analyzing the「Presidential Security Law」and the「Security Business Act」, which are the Relation Laws of Korean VIP Protection Security Law of Korea.
    Keyword:Protection Security, Relation Laws, VIP, Northeast Asia, Republic of Korea
  • Everyone in Korea uses smartphones and fast internet is available everywhere. The settlement of IT(Infor-mation Technology) living zone has led to high reliance on information communication, which poses a possible threat to the infringement of information communication. In Korea, however, cyber attacks by North Korea have been found to be the largest among the infringements, and the amount of damage is said to be more than 1 trillion won. Recently, cyber terror attacks by North Korea have threatened the information networks of private companies as well as major systems of the nation with increasing frequencies. However, the Korean government has limited capabilities to cope with such treats in the cyberspace in terms of manpower, time, and cost. In order to overcome the limitations of the Korean government, an institutional system to guarantee the se-curity of the cyberspace of Koreans is needed through the countermeasures of private security that is expanding the scope of civilian security more broadly in areas where the national influence does not reach. Therefore, this study has begun with the need to discuss countermeasures to the cyber threats not only by the government but also by the private sector, after being confirmed the fact that South Koran bitcoin companies were hit by attacks linked to North Korea hackers recently and which was covered by the major news media around the world.
    Keyword:North Korea, Cyber Attack, Hacking, Bitcoin, South Korea
  • The necessity of private guard became conspicuous as the interest in private security field has been increasing for safeguarding the personal safety of the protectee, because the professional executives and men of wealth cannot rely solely on the public authority or the police for their security. As the need for specialized security guards increases, this study will investigate the work range and the role of guard secretaries in depth in terms of security science through in-depth interview with guard secretaries who are currently working in the position, based on the role of the guard secretary from the previous researches on guard secretary. As a result of the study, generally the work scope of guard secretaries can be divided into three categories. In order of their importance, they were security which protects the body, life and property of the employer, schedule management which is managing the schedule of the employer, and confidentiality which is managing and pro-tecting information. These results suggest that the role of guard is more important than secretarial role. It was revealed that the role of safety manager who is responsible for the safety of the protectee was the most im-portant in the role of the guard secretaries. Secondly, the role as protocol manager for managing formal cere-mony was considered to be important. Thirdly, the role as information manager for managing various infor-mation and date was considered to be important. In addition, the role of work manager, health care manager, business facilitator, and customer manager were considered to be important in the order of their importance. As with the results of work scope, security and safety were found to be the most important factors. The results of questionnaire showed that work capacity, physical ability, self - development and interpersonal relationship were the most important ability of guard secretaries in order of their importance. These results should be the basic data that can provide guard secretaries' concrete work scope and role, and professionalism for better guard secretary services. In addition, since the research on the security secretary is insufficient, further research for the work scope and role of the guard secretary through careful interest and various research methods is needed.
    Keyword:Security, Private Security, Guard Secretary, Scope and Role, Republic of Korea
  • Today, organizations that cause aviation terrorism make use of large funds earned from support of terrorism-sponsoring countries, smuggling, and drugs, and carry out terrorism with sufficient training and advanced tech-nologies. Therefore, it is harder to find effective countermeasures. The key to the security of airports and airplanes is security search which is considered to be the most effective response to prevent aviation terrorism. Given the point that strong aviation security and security search are re-quired, special guards performing security search are the main body for the security of airplanes and passengers and play a very important role in the aviation security field. Therefore, this researcher tries to conduct exploratory research on airport special guards' perception of avia-tion security by having in-depth interviews with them. To conduct this study, qualitative research method fitting exploratory research subject was applied. From Aug. to Oct., 2017, in-depth interviews had been conducted with 20 special guards working at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport each, or a total of 40 special guards. According to the research, airport special guards had the perception of aviation security as follows: First, special guards were non-regular workers so that they felt insecure and had the issue of treatment. As a result, their perception of aviation security lowered. Secondly, their professionalism and their perception of aviation security were low because of insufficient ed-ucation and training. Thirdly, poor work conditions and strong labor intensity impeded their concentration on security search, and frequent personnel transfers led to the absence of members. In order to manage an international airport as the gate of a country efficiently, it is necessary to guarantee security from technical and human errors, and to make protection against terrorism and crimes. Therefore, the results of this study help to manage human resources well in the unexpected situation of an organization.
    Keyword:Airport, Special Security Guard’s, Aviation Security, Security Search, Private Security