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  • This study aims at researching Te-waza and Koshi-waza as a usability of defending techniques of Judo in Republic of Korea by interviewing and analyzing participants who have experienced in Security Service. The results of this study are as followings. Firstly, in personal protection work of security site, among the usability of Te-waza in the scale from ‘1’(very agree) to ‘9’(very disagree), 27 participants have marked Ippon-seoi-nage as ‘1’(very agree), 17 participants as ‘2’, and 18 participants have marked ‘9’(very disagree) in Seoi-nage, the following highest in the scale as ‘7’ with 17 participants(20.5%). In Tai-otoshi technique, 20 participants have chosen ‘1’(24.1%) the highest, and 14 participants have marked ‘2’(16.9%) as the following highest. Secondly, in personal protection work of security site, the usability of Koshi-waza of Judo techniques in the scale from ‘1’(very agree) to ‘9’(very disagree) 26 participants have marked ‘1’(very agree) as the highest in the scale, 16 participants have marked ‘2’ as the following highest. For Tsurikomi-goshi technique, 20 participants have marked ‘9’(24.1%) as the highest, 18 participants have chosen ‘8’(21.7%) as the second highest out of ‘1’(very agree) to ‘9’(very disagree) scale. 25 participants have chosen ‘1’(30.1%) out of 1 to 9 scale in Haraigoshi, and 17 participants have chosen ‘2’ (20.5%) as the second highest. As the last technique, 18 participants (21.7%) have marked ‘1’ in Hane-goshi, 15 participants(18.1%) have chosen ‘2’ for the second highest in the scale.
    Keyword:Sport, Judo, Taekwondo, Kendo, Akido
  • Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Cancer motility plays a central role in malignant tumorigenesis. Hence, several studies have been focused on investigating effective treatments for this disease. Natural compounds are among the potential therapeutic agents against cancer. Allium tuberosum has been used in Korean traditional medicine to improve stamina, and has been recently reported to possess anti-cancer properties. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the effect of A. tuberosum juice extracts(ATS) on migration and proliferation of glioma cells. The composition of ATS was determined using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC/MS). Cell viability and proliferation were determined using MTT(3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-di-phenyltetrazolium bromide), and cell migration was assessed using scratch wound-healing assay. The expression levels of proteins were determined using western blot with specific antibodies such as the extra cellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2(ERK1/2) and MMP2. Our data showed that ATS did not affect cell viability at a concentration of 300 μg/mL in C6 glioma cell lines. However, ATS significantly reduced the migration of C6 glioma cells. More-over, ATS significantly suppressed ERK1/2 phosphorylation and MMP2 expression at dosages of 100 and 300 μg/mL. A total of 34 constituents of ATS were detected using GG/MS. Therefore, we suggest that ATS is a potential agent against glioma.
    Keyword:Allium Tuberosum, Juice, Natural Compounds, Glioma, Anti-Cancer
  • This study aimed to College Students Majoring Police of Physical fitness Rearing Education on Task-Related Physical Fitness and Specific Physical Fitness. Sixty voluntary subjects(30 exercise, 30 control) with an understanding toward the aims of this study were selected and their physical composition and Physical Fitness on Job Performance, before and after the Physical fitness Rearing Education program, were measured. As for the Task-Related Physical Fitness, there were significant differences between pre- and post-values in the exercise group. Meanwhile, in the aspect of comparisons between post-values in both groups, there were significant improvements in push-up, sit-up, Grasping power, 100M Sprint and 1000M Run of the exercise group. As for the Specific Physical Fitness, there were significant differences between pre- and post-values in the exercise group after completing the Physical fitness Rearing Education. In the aspect of comparisons between post-values in both groups, there were significant improvements in only the exercise group. The study results indicate that the Physical fitness Rearing Education program is effective in improving the Task-Related Physical Fitness and Specific Physical Fitness of College Students Majoring Police. However, there is a need for more specific exercise programs to be developed for the continual improvement of College Students Majoring Police performance in along with further studies to confirm the physiological benefits of those programs.
    Keyword:Martial Arts, Police, Physical Fitness Rearing Education, Task-Related Physical Fitness, Specific Physical Fitness
  • Safety has emerged as the greatest concern of the present age, and now we are paying more attention to safety than ever. Life richer and more comfortable than the past, on the contrary, accompanies the adverse function of complex and unstable civilization. That is, as the modern society where cultural leisure activities increase in life develops, it is necessary to manage the safety accidents accordingly more systematically. This research began by recognizing the necessity of research as there is no research or direct/indirect safety-management coping plan and manual for juvenile safety management even though it is very import according to increase of the Taekwondo training center. Safety accidents can be occurred by one factor or by complex combination of several factors. It is necessary to conduct a diversified research on the risk factors that can cause or increase safety accidents and the factors that can prevent or reduce safety accidents. Therefore, this study aims to prevent safety accidents of Taekwondo training center increasing every year, by investigating and analyzing safety accidents occurring in the Taekwondo training center. In order to accomplish this purpose, we’d like to analyze the safety accidents that occurred in Taekwondo training center based on the preceding researches and seek improvement plan accordingly. The risk factors that can cause or increase the safety accident of Taekwondo training center are as follows: First, fire at the invisible site due to the environmental factors and injuries caused by facilities are the most common. Second is the factor by trainees - the infectious diseases and injuries between trainees were the main ones. Finally, it is the situation that the accidents caused by carelessness of the trainer frequently occur by as the factor of trainer. In particular, safety accidents caused by passive safety management by trainers are increasing every year. Also, regarding the situation of preparedness for emergency treatment, knowledge and preparation about first aid are insufficient in most of Taekwondo training center, so the education by the related institutions and strengthening of qualification are considered to be prepared. As a result of analyzing the actual situation of safety accidents in Taekwondo training center in Korea, it was found that most of Taekwondo training center are exposed to safety accidents or lack safety management even though there were some Taekwondo training centers with thorough safety management for safety accidents. The fundamental resolution for the problems in safety management against safety accident at the Taekwondo training center has not been conducted even though there has occurred similar incidents and accidents in training center. In this respect, it is considered that the Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Headquarters) and the Korean Taekwondo Association need to recognize the importance of safety management and to have specific guidelines and manuals to minimize the safety accidents and injuries occurring in the Taekwondo training center and respond quickly. And it is judged that there is a duty to take charge of development of program which can cope with crisis management in Taekwondo training center and safety education for it.
    Keyword:Taekwondo Training Center, Safety Accident, Safety Education, Injury, Emergency Treatment(First Aid)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis(RA) can occur in persons of all ages and of both sexes. Diverse studies recommend exercise to help diminish pain from RA symptoms. Although exercise for patients with RA is an effective therapy to improve functional impairment, patients experience reluctance to exercise because of pain. Several studies have focused on investigating the treatments for this disease. However, RA is currently an incurable disease because its pathogenic cause is still unclear. In view of the complex considerations, the treatment of RA with exercise requires more effective research for developing therapies with proven stability. For example, natural compounds are potential therapeutic agents and candidates as sports nutrition supplements. In the present study, we aimed to find a candidate sport nutrition supplement from natural compounds such as foods and tea. Lonicerae flos(LF) has been widely used in Korean traditional medicine and as a tea material. Therefore, we evaluated the effect of LF extract on an RA model. First, we found that the mRNA expression of macrophage migration inhibitory factor(MIF), cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2), and matrix metalloproteinase-9(MMP-9) in synoviocytes stimulated with phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate was decreased by LF treatment(0.4–1.0 mg/mL). Furthermore, the distribution of MIF-, COX-2-, and MMP-9-positive cells in mice with collagen-induced arthritis treated with LF(45 mg/kg) was remarkably decreased. These data likely indicate that LF may act as an anti-inflammatory agent and may be a potential compound for the development of useful agents for RA treatment.
    Keyword:Sport Nutrition, Lonicerae Flos, Inflammation, Natural Compounds, Rheumatoid Arthritis