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  • The purpose of this study is to propose a quantitative evaluation method of landscape for urban landscape planning in urban planning for sustainable urban regeneration. The identity of the city is recognized as the competitiveness of the city, among the various elements that make up the identity of the city, the buildings that make up the city center and the landscape of the city center are important from the aspect of the space that realizes the lives of citizens. Cities will lose their vibrancy with the growth of the city and the flow of time, and there will also be where the city will disappear. By giving new functions and personality to such places, there is a possibility that urban revitalization is planned. Since the regeneration method does not regenerate only one object, urban planning for urban regeneration is necessary. Therefore, out of various fields of urban planning, we show quantitative evaluation method for urban landscape planning, analyze the results, and propose urban landscape plan making use of characteristics of landscape. For this purpose, a field survey was conducted for the characteristic districts of Nagasaki City, Japan, and at the same time, characteristic landscapes were photographed and recorded. A landscape evaluation was carried out for the same and quantification was performed. In the landscape evaluation, the SD method was applied to the subjects, and quantification theory and cluster analysis were applied to the results for quantification. Next, a characteristic urban landscape plan was proposed by analyzing the landscape evaluation with the quantification performed.
    Keyword:Quantification, Improvement Effect Simulation, Landscape Analysis, Landscape Planning, Urban Regeneration
  • The purpose of this study was to examine the experience of depression and stress level according to obesity in an effort to obtain some information on how to relieve depression and lower stress level based on the results of BMI evaluation. As for the experience of depression, the rates of depression expression were higher among the respondents who were male, who had been married yet had no spouses, who were less educated and whose income levels were lower, and stress levels were higher among the respondents who were female, who were younger, who were unmarried, who were better educated and whose income levels were higher. BMIs were higher in the respondents who were male, who were in their 50s, who had been married and had spouses, who were secondary-school graduates, who engaged in economic activity and whose income was between 2.01 and 3 million won. Regarding stress level and the experience of depression according to BMI classification, stress levels were highest in the underweight group, and the experience of depression was most common in the under-weight group as well. BMI may depend on diverse characteristics, but the finding that depression and stress were severer in the underweight group should be taken into account, and it seems necessary to improve eating habits and life habits even amid hectic life to control weight.
    Keyword:Human & Disaster BMI, Community, Depression, Obesity, Stress
  • In South Korean society, forestry has been on a continuous decline. Agriculture and forestry are important fields directly connected to the food security of the people. Forestry has many problems including imbalance between rising production and consumption rates, fluctuating prices by the season, poor research pool on grow-ing and biological pest control, temporary petty cultivation facilities, and weaker price competitiveness than Chinese counterparts. Since forest products are not part of the nation's food staple, the demand for forest products is more unstable than agricultural products, which explains why the percentage of forest managers leaving the vocation is higher than that of farmers. This study set out to investigate the current forest management of forest managers and find solutions to the crisis of forest products in South Korea. The subjects include 15 forestry households that collected, processed, and distributed wild herbs and vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits. The survey period spanned about two months from December, 2015 to February, 2017. The in-depth interview covered six major areas including the information of forestry households, information of forest products, methods of collection, methods of processing, methods of distribution, and other particulars. Based on the results of an in-depth interview with 15 forestry households, the study made the following proposals for the development of forestry in the nation: first, they should introduce a village or farming association unit and carry out promotional and marketing strategies in an organized way; second, they should create value added with the development of processed food through talent search and education for their village or farming association organization and government-level support projects based on connections between central and local regions; and lastly, given the recent growing interest in environment-friendly food, they should make efforts to segment food consumers according to their dietary life patterns and understand their preference in order to create a market environment where both forestry businesses and consumers can survive together.
    Keyword:Forestry Disaster, Forestry Crisis, Forest Manager, Forestry Business, Forest Products
  • Purpose; The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of the promotion of understanding sex related stories for the prevention of sexual violence on the children of age 5. The subjects were 58 children of age 5(19 children of experimental group, 20 children of comparison group, and 19 children of control group) in the city of P. The experimental group performed the music drama activity using the picture books for sex education for 36 times. The comparison group conducted the sex education picture book activities used in the experiment group. The control group did not engage in sexual violence prevention activities and instead conducted daily life subject centric activities at the national level. Data analysis was conducted by t-test and ANCOVA using the SPSS 21.0 program. The results of the research yielded that the experimental group showed a better understanding of the sex related story than the comparison group and the control group, and the comparison group also showed a statistically significant difference in understanding the sex related story than the control group. These results showed that the promotion of comprehension of sex related stories was effective in preventing sexual violence for children.
    Keyword:Sexual Violence, Music Drama, Sex Education Picture Books, Sexual Violence Prevention, Story Comprehension
  • Various efforts are needed in preparation for the predictable Korea unification as a wind of peace blown over the Korean Peninsula brought about the long-terminated exchange between South Korea and North Korea. As bilateral relationship and exchanges are actively done, systematic and specific system needs to be established to manage highly uncertain disasters more efficiently. It is particularly important to establish the comprehensive and integrated disaster management operation system for the unified peninsula after the declaration of the end of war as bilateral relations are abruptly improved and inter-Korean exchange and cooperation continues. This study aims to elevate the tolerance in response to the unification and propose improvements of disaster safety system in the course of cooperation between the government and private institutions. Disaster management system needs to be reformed considering legalization related with research results, disaster term standardization, manual generalization, and regional characterization. It would be desirable to build up disaster management and response system starting from regions such as boundary areas, economic cooperation areas, and exchange areas not by setting a diverse range of disasters and selecting areas in hope of proper cooperation of the further inter-Korean disaster management system.
    Keyword:Korean Peninsula, Disaster Management System, Disaster Management, Unification, Disaster Cooperation