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  • Purpose: Recently, in Korea, beauty and health consumers are seeking convenience and professionalism, so multi-shop type stores are gradually increasing. Accordingly, this study was conducted with the purpose of con-firming the relationship between consumption perception, optional attributes, and use satisfaction with women visiting beauty health multi-shops as participants. Method: The study participants consisted of 183 adult females aged 20 years or older in S-city and G-province using the non-probability sampling method and the judgment sampling method. As for the data analysis method, MANOVA and multiple regression analysis were conducted to analyze the relationship between consumption perception, choice attributes, and use satisfaction. Results: As a result of the study, all independent variables such as consumption necessity factors, consumption process factors, and consumption result factors were statistically significant in the influence relationship between consumption perception variables and selection attributes. And in the relationship between the selected attribute variable and the satisfaction factor, the facility factor, loyalty factor, and cost factor were found to be significant, while the information provision factor was statistically insignificant. Conclusion: The results of this study served as an opportunity to confirm various factors related to the consumer's perception of consumption and the satisfaction of use according to the selected attributes of visiting beauty health multi-shops. Therefore, it suggests the specific and detailed importance of the perception and selection attributes of consumers who visit beauty health multi-shops.
    Keyword:Women, Beauty and Health Multi-Shop, Consumption Perceptions, Selected Attributes, Use Satisfaction
  • Purpose: In this study, the effect of the eyebrow semi-permanent makeup procedure was verified by paying attention to the side effects of anti-cancer and the psychological and social burden caused by hair loss that may occur in female breast cancer patients. To this end, the difference in perception of eyebrow semi-permanent makeup, appearance recognition, and self-efficacy before and after eyebrow semi-permanent makeup was analyzed to identify relevance and influence. Through empirical analysis, we expect that our quality of life improvement and protective aesthetic contributions will be repaid. The purpose of this study is to contribute to beauty protection and adaptation to the lives of patients and to obtain useful data for the market expansion of semi-permanent makeup in the industrial aspect. Method: This study was conducted on female breast cancer patients suffering from hair loss as a side effect of chemotherapy, and 64 questionnaires were collected for verification of research questions. For empirical statistical analysis, SPSS 25.0 program was used, and frequency analysis and descriptive statistical analysis were used. To identify the difference in effectiveness, t-test and ANOVA were analyzed for the pre-and post-differences. In the statistical analysis, statistical significance was judged based on the significance level of 0.05. Results: First, when comparing before and after eyebrow semi-permanent makeup, it was found that appearance awareness and self-efficacy improved significantly from the starting point of eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. Second, as a result of an independent sample t-test analysis to confirm the average difference in major variables according to the location of the current hospital, the difference in appearance perception according to the classification of the metropolitan area and non-metropolitan area was found to be significant. Third, the difference in appearance recognition according to the current health status was significant, and the improvement score was found to be higher in the group with better health. Conclusion: The eyebrow semi-permanent makeup procedure is increasing everyone's appearance awareness and self-efficacy, and giving positive effects. This study contributed to expanding the beneficiaries of beauty services not only to the general public but also to female breast cancer patients. Through empirical analysis, it was verified that the eyebrow semi-permanent makeup procedure affects the perception of appearance and the increase in self-efficacy in female breast cancer patients. In the future, based on this study, the eyebrow semi-permanent makeup procedure of female breast cancer patients can be used as useful data in the industrial and policy aspects of beauty service, and it can be expected to have a positive effect on the expansion of the domestic beauty industry and the semi-permanent makeup market.
    Keyword:Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Makeup, Satisfaction, Appearance Perception, Self-Efficacy, Beauty Industry
  • Purpose: This study presents the direction for the development of the cosmetics industry and the revitalization of the customized cosmetics industry. By using natural raw materials that are harmless to the human body as raw materials for customized cosmetics, It was conducted with the aim of raising positive awareness among consumers and inducing purchases. Customized cosmetics can contribute to solving the problem of the unemployed as small-scale start-ups are possible, Since only those with professional qualifications can manufacture customized cosmetics, We want to research how we can fulfill consumers' desire for safety and their desire to own cosmetics that are right for their skin. Method: A total of 306 questionnaires were administered to men and women in their 20s and 60s who had experience in purchasing cosmetics living in Korea, and a frequency analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, exploratory factor analysis, and reliability analysis using Cronbach's alpha coefficient were conducted using SPSS 25.0 program as the analysis data, and an independent sample t test was conducted to test the hypotheses. We also conducted correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and mediation analysis using SPSS process mac-ros to verify mediation effects. Results: First, it can be said that the higher the Awareness of selective attributes and Reliability of selective at-tributes of customized cosmetics, the higher the Purchase intention. Second, emphasizing the use of natural ingredients in the formulation of customized cosmetics will further enhance purchase intent. Third, since the awareness of customized cosmetics is high enough, supporting it in various ways will not only expand the market, but also allow customers to purchase customized cosmetics with confidence. Fourth, it means that the trust in the custom-ized cosmetics formulation manager who received professional education the state had a positive effect on the choice of customized cosmetics. Conclusion: Using natural raw materials for customized cosmetics can contribute to solving international environmental problems, For the first time in the world, only those with professional qualifications can prepare customized cosmetics. It will be able to satisfy consumers' desire to own cosmetics that are safe and suitable for their skin. Therefore, in a situation where customized cosmetics are attracting worldwide attention, this study aims to increase consumers' positive awareness and help skin health by using harmless natural raw materials as raw materials for customized cosmetics. It will be able to suggest a direction as a new growth engine for K-beauty, Even as an international subject, it is considered to have original value.
    Keyword:Customized Cosmetics, Selective Attributes, Perceived Natural Raw Materials, Awareness of Selective Attributes, Reliability of Selective Attribute
  • Purpose: On the newsmagazine of the abbreviations showed from computer and AI chatbot web in which the government contained a minority discriminator of administration notions, medical names, business categories have puzzle game article under civil provision. It could be a significantly meaningful educational. This paper aims to consider the types of abbreviations in media, identify the characteristics of phonological abbreviations that can explain the principle of formation. The primary discussion revital lives was the process of forming and the relationship between the original word and the abbreviations. In addition, the grammar knowledge on the focus on teaching grammatical, phonological explanation mechanism. Method: The process among the types of abbreviations and organize their artificial intelligence, present the materials to effectively teach phonological abbreviations to Korean multiple cultures for language learners. We have been made initial alphabet what news magazines of written papers websites on internet, comprehensive, inclusive directory and researching engine. The spoken language, colloquialism reduced to colloquial language, had categorization of synonym group antonym relation, another writing of words phrase in differences item. To evaluate the proposed method, we use dataset of two type. As experimental results, we prove that our method is effective for irregular abbreviations. Results: On writing reformation of neologism made reformed hanja mass media speaking education. We agreed with nation and nationality from that in detail, minutely for the non-English language speaking Americans. Many languages in easily accessed to reserved translated dictionary. Command on langue and parole, an abbreviated language culture had been developed. The shortened word, language fragmentation lead to technical term purification from which classical chinese vocabulary department have native tongue and Encyclopedia of Korean Culture. Each textbook and dictionary defines the abbreviations differently, giving rise to confusion to teachers and learners. Conclusion: Academic and scientific abbreviations in detail academic & Science, physics one's specialty, way to manage a talent. Purification of an idiom of Uiseong is necessary for readers. Mother Nature skill to account for meaning of somebody's true character handed out essentiality second nature(good nature), where race traced to social equity from nature, economic parallel is analogous of in collateralness. Abbreviations can be considered to be completely different from original words. However, educational institutions and scholars still would have different opinions on abbreviations without clear solution to the education methodology.
    Keyword:Colloquial Language, Acronym, Shortened Words, Neologism, AI Chatbot Web Multimedia
  • Purpose: This study examined the relationship between child value and happiness among parents of infants and toddlers in the 6th and 7th waves of the Korean Child Panel Survey. Method: We conducted an analysis of self and other interdependence model(APIM) to test the self-effect and partner-effect of parents of infants and toddlers. Results: The results of the self-effect and partner-effect tests of mothers' and fathers' perceived parental child value on happiness showed that mothers' and fathers' perceived child value had a significant positive effect on their own happiness. In addition, the interaction effect of mothers' and fathers' perceived child value on happiness was significant only for the negative effect of fathers' perceived child value on mothers' happiness. We also found significant differences in the self-effect and partner-effect of parental values on happiness, with mothers' happiness being influenced more by their own parental values than by their fathers' parental values. Conclusion: The significance of this study is that it verified the effect of parents' child value on their own happiness, which has been lacking in the literature. Therefore, this study provides implications for the establishment of government childcare policies to improve the happiness of parents of infants and toddlers and for parent education in early childhood education institutions, and provides a basis for future research and programs to improve the happiness of parents of infants and toddlers.
    Keyword:Child Values, Happiness, Actor Effect, Partner Effect, Early Childhood Parents
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine and understand the effect of interpersonal relationship of the middle-aged women on the makeup behavior. The women in their 40s and 50s are the most economically productive age group, and it is considered that the study of their makeup behavior would be very important. Method: This study distributed and collected questionnaires from women in their 40s and 50s in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. A total of 411 copies were used for the final statistical analysis. Frequency, percentage, and average were calculated to examine and understand the demographic characteristics of the study subjects, and the Pearson’s product moment-effect correlation was calculated to examine and understand the relationship between the interpersonal relationship and makeup behavior. The stepwise multiple regression analysis was also per-formed to determine the causal relationship between the interpersonal relationship and the makeup behavior. Results: As a result of the effect of interpersonal relationship on the fashionableness among the makeup behaviors, it turned out that openness, understanding, and satisfaction had positively significant effects on fashionableness among the makeup behaviors. As a result of the effect of interpersonal relationship on the subjectivity among the makeup behaviors, understanding, satisfaction, and subjectivity among the makeup behaviors turned out to have positively significant effects. As a result of interpersonal relationship on subjectivity among the makeup behaviors, openness was shown to have a negatively significant effect on subjectivity among the makeup behaviors, and understanding, satisfaction, and communication had a positively significant effect on subjectivity among the makeup behaviors. Conclusion: A study on the makeup behavior of women in their 40s and 50s, who carry out a lot of social activities and highly value interpersonal relationships, is considered to contribute largely to the direction of the beauty industry that creates public value and the makeup product manufacturing industry.
    Keyword:Women, Middle Aged, Public Value, Interpersonal Relationship, Makeup Behavior