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  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to verify whether the marriage period and intent to maintain the marriage will be statistically significant in relation to the causes and consequences of violence in multicultural families. Through this, this research aims to provide practical implications for establishing policies for multicultural families as well as theoretical contributions to research on domestic violence in multicultural families in Korea. Method: In order to achieve the objectives of this study, statistical verification was performed using SPSS 23.0 as follows. First of all, frequency analysis was conducted to determine the subject's intent to maintain the marriage and marriage period variables. The t-test and One Way ANOVA were then used to verify the statistical differences between the causes and results of the questionnaire by the intent to maintain the marriage and marriage period. Finally, Cross Tabulation(Chi-Square) was conducted to identify the differences in the association between the intent to maintain the marriage and marriage period. Results: According to statistical tests, some questions about the causes and consequences of violence in multicultural families showed different levels of response depending on the period of marriage and whether the couples were willing to continue their marriage. In addition, the statistically significant relationship between the period of marriage and the intent to maintain the marriage was verified Conclusion: Through the analysis results of this study, the agency in charge of establishing and implementing policies to support multicultural families needs to continuously raise the awareness that different and diverse approaches are needed to reflect the policy subjects' marriage duration and their will to continue their marriage.
    Keyword:Violence, Multicultural, Family, Duration of the Marriage, Intent to Maintain Marriage
  • Purpose: The Olympic legacy is an important legacy left to the host city by the Olympic Games. It presents the value of Olympic Games and push Olympic movement spread till now. The IOC has stressed the importance and necessity of Olympic legacy in official. The impacts of Olympic legacy promote the regeneration and renewal of the host city and it explores how does the sporting legacy and urban legacy of Olympic legacy impact in the urban renewal and regeneration. It not only improves the sustainable development of city, but also promotes the cultural values of the Olympics. Method: This paper employs the systematic literature reviews to explore the relationship between legacy of Olympic Games and urban regeneration. After the initial search, 427 articles in English language from 2000 to 2020 were returned and it narrowed down to 19 articles finally. The information extracted from the remaining article were used to present how did sporting legacy and urban legacy impact urban regeneration and on which aspects did they impact. Results: The urban legacy and sporting legacy in urban renewal and regeneration process has played a very important role. The sporting legacy can improve the urban space planning via sport architecture and infrastructure built or renovated for the Olympics to adjust urban renewal and regeneration. It also can produce certain impact on an urban infrastructure, such as promoting the improvement of the community, improve the transportation environment and city pollution and other problems to promote the urban organic operation. The impacts of urban legacy are better reflected in the planning stage of the Olympic Games, integrating the problems left during urban development into the planning, and providing a direction for the renewal and regeneration of the city. Conclusion: First of all, the Olympic Games should be held in accordance with the evaluation of overall situation of the city itself. Rational thinking of the existing problems in city operation process should be conducted and the urban next stage of development prospects should be made at the same time. These two points should be considered as the focus of the Olympic Bid and planning. Then, improving the image of the city can be main task in the short term impact of Olympic Games as urban updating and regeneration. Finally, how to transform short-term temporary impact into long-term permanent impact will be a central issue in Olympic planning.
    Keyword:Olympic Legacy, Sporting Legacy, Urban Legacy, Urban Regeneration, Mega-Sport Event
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to find a way to maintain stable business conditions and obtain optimal operating profits for each landscaping project by surveying the construction amount, input personnel, expenditure amount, income amount, and profit for each year for the construction of the landscaping industry from 2006 to 2017. Method: The collection of data for research related to the construction of landscaping industry, government data and legal documents related to the construction of landscaping industry, and the process of the change of landscaping industry by national unit was reviewed from 2006 to 2017. The analysis items were utilized for yearly construction amount, input personnel, expenditure amount, income amount, and profit. In the analysis, the frequency analysis by year, region, and yield, analysis of variance, and rare analysis, etc. were checked. Using these statistics, the Act provided more efficient means of operating profit for each landscaping business. Results: The results of this study are summarized as follows. 1. The amount of construction in each industry was 75% of facilities, 58% of food products, and 158% of the total, with statistically significant differences(F=36.946, P= 0.000). 2. The total number of employees in each industry for construction is about 21 facilities, 19 food and food, and about 53 general staff. Except for about 5 facilities, 6 food and ingredients, 8 people, non-regular workers were found to maintain the highest profit margin and stable management status when the number of non-regular workers was about 16 facilities, 13 food and 45 people overall. 3. Although the input personnel will increase when the construction amount of the company increases, the amount of the construction will remain unchanged even if the project amount is added to the site due to the schedule, and the amount of the construction will also increase, which can be interpreted as correlation between the amount of expenditure, income and profits. Conclusion: The company's profits were found to be related to the number of inputs. There is no need to hire a large number of employees, and by hiring about 6 people for food, about 5 people for facilities, about 8 people in total for each industry, and hiring daily workers according to the construction of each industry, you can maintain a more stable and efficient management status.
    Keyword:Differences, Management, Landscape, Construction, Project
  • Purpose: This study was conducted to identify in depth the physical activity experience and the social support of the national-based exercise program participants conducted by the Korea National Health Insurance Corporation. Method: Participants were six elderly women and two elderly men who participated in the Health‐100‐year Exercise for more than 6 months, and in‐depth interviews were conducted from February to March 2019. Among the phenomenological approaches, this study chose Giorgi's research method to summarize the contents of the research through three steps of transcription, theme coding, and categorization. Results: To grasp text contents as a hollistic perspective through an analysis frame of four stages, the semantic unit segmentation, the transformation into the academic language, and the analysis process of integrating the converted semantic units into the structure were carried out. In the contextual structure statement and general structure statement, we could find a total of 90 semantic units, 17 sub-components, and 5 components. Emotional aspects such as facilities for smooth physical activity, the exercise program for the elderly, the meaning of the leader and relationship, support of family, support of friends and colleagues, support from local governments and government agencies, social aspects, and economic aspects were found in the types of components. Conclusion: In our society, which is undergoing a super‐aged society, the interest of the elderly in health intervention is increasing, and it is asking for alternative solutions to these problems. Therefore, it is suggested that the results of the phenomenological study on the physical activity experience and social support of participants in the Health‐100‐year Exercise Program, a government policy program, provide a clue for the future of health promotion of the elderly, and a formation of a positive social network.
    Keyword:Elderly's, Experience, National‐Based, Health, Exercise
  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to find out the background and factors that enabled SK and POSCO, which are producing remarkable results by creating social values, to grow by changing the corporate paradigm. Method: In this study, I reviewed the management philosophy as a mission by replacing the corporate values such as SK and POSCO, 13 major groups among the successful companies in our country, and the social contribution that implemented the vision and core values as embedded shared values. Our economy. Society. Corporate social responsibility(CSR) to the environment is changing to improve corporate trust and value, and today's trend is to expand the total amount of shared value by simultaneously creating 'economic value' and 'social value' with the evolution of CSR. The results of briefly examining the management philosophy as mission, vision and core values ​​as embedded shared values, and implemented social contribution activities, replacing corporate values are as follows. SK is the founder's corporate philosophy(business support: contributing to the development of the nation and human society through corporate management) Results: It is the social value that SK pursues to promote the happiness of the society and the company together as a business to challenge the business of social worries by inheriting the values and values. And Chairman Choi Tae-won emphasized the importance of social values and took the lead. The influence of strong driving force was absorbed into the corporate culture among members, and the shared value of voluntarily solving social problems existed and was exerted. Pohang Steel(now POSCO) was born in the 1960s with a national desire to create a well-lived Korea. Even after privatization, community behavior and mentality in ethical management and social contribution activities continued through win-win, consideration, and sharing activities with local communities. Based on POSCOIN's unique DNA, the leadership of Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi and “Corporate Citizens Growing Together” were born as a new management philosophy. Conclusion: The result of this study shows that the symbiosis and shared value that companies have to match their own capabilities are not suddenly created, but accumulated over time and generation. The philosophy of the company and the shared value of the mission are the power to move the mind, and the value created by connecting the capabilities of the company is my. A greater consensus can be gained on outside members, and social support must be united and connected with the members of society. In the end, the basic basis of SK's social value and happiness setting and POSCO's corporate citizen management philosophy is not much different. Today, social value creation is limited to specific companies, so it is linked to participation as a basic data for companies with new values in cooperation with SK and POSCO. It is expected that further studies will be carried out by suggesting expansion.
    Keyword:Csr, Csv, Sharing Value, Social Value Creation, Management Philosophy
  • Purpose: Over the past century, there have been remarkable discoveries in politics, economics, science and medicine, but innovation in education has not been noticeable. However, in January 2020, the outbreak of Corona 19 in China and spread all over the world was an opportunity for the transformation of educational innovation to change significantly. Since the first semester of 2018, this researcher has applied media-based teaching and learning methods to classes mainly using Google tools and software, including Google Classroom. The purpose of this study is to develop a learning model using media-based teaching and learning methods for innovation in future education, apply it to classes, and find out the satisfaction of classes. Method: In this study, the media-based learning method that was most effectively used in the class was applied to the 2020 beauty class semester 1 subject. In addition, a satisfaction survey was conducted on media learning-based teaching and learning methods. Tools used as media-based teaching and learning methods are Google Classroom, Kahoot, Google Forms, Powtoon, and YouTube. A total of 14 items were used to survey satisfaction with media-based teaching and learning methods, including demographic questions. Results: Results: The media-based teaching and learning method used in this study was named as a 5 step-based smart learning method and is as follows. Core-based learning, Game-based learning, Practice-based learning, Reflection-based learning, and Task-based learning. The students' satisfaction with lectures was somewhat high. Conclusion: If a pandemic like Corona 19 is prolonged, we need to work harder to innovate future education. And the ability of these digital-based, media-based teaching and learning methods is essential for both instructors and learners. To this end, it is necessary to resolve the configuration and operation management of infrastructure, lack of various contents, unrealistic teacher support, and misunderstandings about smart device education, and closely examine the effects and applications of media-based education.
    Keyword:Media Based, Teaching and Learning Method, Education, Innovation, Google Classroom