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  1. Moment is the time when a Multidisciplinary Journal is needed as the phenomenon of international change of mankind is occurring in a complex way.
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  3. The Biggest Feature, it can be said that an approach in various fields related to the Public Value is key.
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  • Purpose: This study was attempted to confirm the effect on resilience, teacher efficacy, and satisfaction after developing and applying pre-educational program as a way to improve resilience of pre-health education public teacher to school health practice. Method: Research design is a similar experimental study of one group pretest-posttest design. The subject of this study was a total of 8 pre-educational programs from September 4 to November 20, 2019, targeting 10 of sophomores at a university. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test using the SPSS/WIN 21.0 program. Results: There was a significant difference before and after the implementation of the pre-educational program in the area of activeness in technology acquisition(Z=-2.81, p=.005), excluding the future-oriented area(Z=-.97, p=.331) and the independence/risk-taking area(Z=-.15, p=.878), which are sub-areas of the resilience. There were statistically significant differences in all areas of teaching efficacy(Z=-2.54, p=.011), task-interpersonal efficacy(Z=-2.25, p=.024), community-linked efficacy(Z=-2.55 p=.011), and health service efficacy(Z=-2.04, p=.041), which are sub-areas of teacher efficacy. Satisfaction was found to have an overall average score of 22.80 out of 25. Conclusion: It was confirmed that the pre-educational program could be an intervention plan to increase the resilience and teacher efficacy of School Health Practice. In addition, post-educational programs are also needed to improve resilience such as future-oriented, independence/risk-taking to systematically operate educational practice.
    Keyword:Program, Resilience, Efficacy, Satisfaction, Public
  • Purpose: This study analyzed the satisfaction factors through the composition of the beauty college website for college students who applied to the cosmetic department, and the purpose of this study is to provide basic data that can help the college students decide on their entrance to school and career path. Method: A survey was conducted by selecting college students who entered the cosmetic department in Gangwon-do, Chungcheong-do, and Jeollabuk-do. For this survey, from August 28, 2019 to September 21, 2019, students enrolled in a four-year college of cosmetology were targeted. A total of 260 questionnaires were distributed, but a total of 253 copies were utilized excluding the questionnaires with insincere responses. Results: First, it was found that scholarship system, reality perception, and curriculum, which are sub-variables of website composition, had a statistically significant positive(+) effect on entrance and career path. In addition, it was found that the sub-variables of the website composition, such as scholarship system, reality perception, and curriculum, had a statistically significant positive(+) effect. Second, it was found that the scholarship system, reality perception, and curriculum, which are sub-variables of website composition, had a statistically significant positive(+) effect on satisfaction. Third, it was found that entrance and career path had a statistically significant positive(+) effect on satisfaction. Conclusion: The purpose of the university website is to serve users. Therefore, in order to provide high-quality service, it is necessary to identify users' requests or complaints and actively accept them.
    Keyword:Department of Beauty, Website Composition, Satisfaction, Entrance, Career Path
  • Purpose: Treatment modalities writer’s purpose are in the effort of Gwang he(光海), in fact people would be written by Hanguel, at most colloquially from language what are. Furthermore, the path of the disease, are not yet known, from which the books rewritten by Yu yitae. Heo Jun, who is written first publications by looking for the other books(written in hand) at first in early 17th. Method: How the research is to a case of Pubescent Angelica usages in Internal Bodily Elements section, Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medical science were developed, this search derived to the meaning of korean medicines. we introduced various folk herbs in which were using by curing infections, representing characters, effectiveness, precautions of the korean medicines plants. We collected for herbs in which cheap and get easily them. They could remedy patients with catching contagious disease, help restoring to health. It best herbs take People almost every neighborhood has one close by. Results: We could Tangaekpyeon(湯液篇) in Donguibogam( 『東醫寶鑑』 ) what is recorded by herbs and medicine plants from native foods in which were produced them that mixing from plants in various, collecting herbs’ crystal, korean medicines methods and korean plants natures, and making a prescription. The folk remedies which an old remedies are unfact manners, low levels in respect of a present medicines, of an traditional views is up to Korean medicine of the Cho-seon. The treatments a disease with folk remedies are made of people, what prevent contagious diseases. The importance of fork remedies are as follows. At first, medicines plants were on hand. Secondly, the medicines are drugs that take solution processible and are made handling by easily. Thirdly, herbal medicine infusion was to boil by tisane, let hot water cool, drink it. Fourthly, materials from medical herb market, boiling pots, should be kept convenient places. fifthly, The method of use and storage method from domestic herbs require precautions. Conclusion: The significance of something is the importance that it has, usually because it will have an effect on a situation or shows something about a situation. The book affords a monumental example of industry. This books are to set in motion a chain of events. It is important that we can learn how to prevent from the infection by reading this books.
    Keyword:Donguibogam, Tangaekpyeon, Korean Fork Remedies, Korean Plants, Infections
  • Purpose: This study aims to investigate the relationship between self-efficacy and career attitude maturity in career decision-making of educational service quality developed to improve the quality of education in the Department of Aviation Service and strengthen competitiveness in the department. It is insufficient research to apply educational service quality considering the characteristics of the Department of Airline Service, and it is expected that this study will be used as basic data to help efficient department operation and establish strategies for fierce entrance exams. Method: For empirical analysis, a total of 231 responses were collected from students enrolled in the De-partment of Aviation Services at two-year and four-year universities located in Korea from September 6 to September 14, 2021, of which 221 were used for empirical analysis, excluding 10 unfaithful responses. In the empirical analysis, frequency analysis, factor analysis of measurement variables, reliability, and validity were investigated through SPSS 21.0. Results: It was confirmed that the reputation factor, a sub-factor of educational service quality, is an im-portant factor in all sub-factors of career decision-making self-efficacy. In addition, It was confirmed that self-evaluation, a sub-factor of career decision-making self-efficacy, is an important factor in career attitude maturity. It was shown that the employment support factors of education service quality were all important factors in the determination, purpose, certainty, and independence of career attitude maturity. Conclusion: Through the results of this study, it was confirmed that aviation service department education service quality had a significant influence on career decision-making self-efficacy and career attitude maturity. To increase college students' self-efficacy and career attitude maturity in career decision-making, it is necessary to accurately grasp the importance perceived by college students, increase the leading performance of aviation service majors, and actively engage in career preparation behavior. The result of this study suggests how the educational service quality in the airline service department currently recognized by students is related to career decision-making self-efficacy and career attitude maturity and suggests improvement measures for the development of the department.
    Keyword:Airline Service, Educational Service Quality, Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy, Career Attitude Maturity, Department of Airline Service Major
  • Purpose: This study tried to analyze the relationship between the desire to consume cosmetics and the motivation to purchase customized cosmetics. In the relationship between these variables, the relationship between the perception of the customized cosmetics dispensing manager, who promotes the consumption desire, as a moderating effect, on the purchase motive for customized cosmetics was confirmed. The purpose is to expand the consumption of customized cosmetics and to present the public service value of the customized cosmetics system. Method: A total of 561 questionnaires were used online for men and women of age of 10 to 69 who have purchased cosmetics nationwide. SPSS 22.0 was used as an empirical analysis method, and analysis was performed using multiple regression analysis and process macros. In order to find out the moderating effect of the perception of customized cosmetics dispensing managers, an analysis was conducted using Process Macro No. 59 model proposed by Hayes(2012). Results: First, it was revealed that the independent variable, the desire to consume cosmetics, and the dependent variable, the purchase motive for customized cosmetics, had a significant positive effect and a significant influence relationship between the variables. Second, the perception of the customized cosmetics dispensing manager is to motivate the purchase of customized cosmetics so that the brand/self-expression needs, the relationship/ride needs, the nature-friendly needs, and the pleasure needs are satisfied in a reasonable way in the relationship between the cosmetic consumption needs and the customized cosmetics purchase motivation. A modulatory effect in which an important inducing action is performed was confirmed. As a result, it was found that the influence of cosmetics consumption motives on the purchase motive of customized cosmetics is stronger when the customized cosmetics dispensing manager is known. Conclusion: As a result of the study, it was confirmed that it is a factor that promotes the desire to consume cosmetics by satisfying the effectiveness of products according to the professionalism and trust of the customized cosmetics dispensing manager. In other words, the confirmation of the moderating effect of the perception of the customized cosmetics dispensing manager is to secure the safety of the ingredients and functions of cosmetics that can be induced by consumer claims in the process of cosmetic consumption desire leading to consumption behavior. These results can be said that the customized cosmetic system showed public service value. In addition, by revealing that the higher the awareness of the customized cosmetics dispensing manager, the higher the motivation to purchase customized cosmetics. This suggests the need for a differentiated marketing strategy.
    Keyword:Customized Cosmetics, Consumption Needs, Purchase Motive, Customized Cosmetics Dispensing Manager, Moderating Effect

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