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  • Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine and understand the effect of the SNS related marketing activities, which have recently emerged as an essential element for each club, including professional sports federations or associations, on the confidence in club and the intention to watch, and the direction of marketing activities related to professional sports. and assist with strategy formulation. Method: In this study, as of 2022, 260 fans of the four major domestic professional sports (professional baseball, professional soccer, professional volleyball, and professional basketball) were surveyed and the convenience sampling method was used as the sampling method, while the survey was conducted by the self-administration method. Among the collected questionnaires, 253 questionnaires were used as the valid samples, excluding the data with insincere responses or omission of some of the contents of the survey. The measurement tool was a questionnaire, and the data processing is the SPSS 23.0 Program, a statistical package program, and the frequency analysis, reliability verification, factor analysis, correlation analysis, and the multiple regression were performed. Results: In this study, as a result of factor analysis and reliability verification, the SNS related marketing activities turned out to be event factor (α=.884), information factor (α=.871), and advertisement factor (α=.814), and confidence in club was classified as a confidence in club factor (α=.887), and intention to watch was classified as an intention to watch factor (α=.912). Furthermore, the SNS related marketing activities (event factor, information factor, and advertisement factor) affect the confidence in club, and the SNS related marketing activities (event factor, information factor, advertisement factor) affect the intention to watch, while the confidence in club was found to have an effect on the intention to watch. Conclusion: In this study, the SNS related marketing activities of professional sports clubs affect the confidence in club and the intention to watch, and related organizations including professional sports clubs that are developing the SNS related marketing activities or planning the SNS related marketing activities in the future rather than providing information at the strategic level of ticket sales and publicity, from the consumer's point of view, will need to identify information related to their needs and desires, truly understand consumers, and provide the desired information appropriately through strengthening a reciprocal relationship to ensure that they can feel satisfaction. Furthermore, in the social media environment, it is necessary to develop diverse contents through various methods to accurately understand the interests of advertisement audiences and satisfy their needs, and it is determined to have a positive effect on in club and intention to watch, and professional sports clubs should use SNS related marketing activities more actively, and professional sports clubs will need to use the SNS related marketing activities far more actively.
    Keyword:Professional Sports, SNS, Marketing Activities, Confidence in Club, Intention to Watch
  • Purpose: Korea's MZ generation is a coined term that refers to both millennials (M) and generation Z. They have distinct personal values, are proficient in using digital media, and show characteristics of value consumption and conspicuous consumption. Therefore, in this study, among the qualitative research methods, the phenomenological research method was used to explore in depth in order to find out the perception and attitude toward the MZ generation's first tattoo participation process and re-tattoo experience. Method: Five active MZ generation participants who can reflect the most realistic information and experience according to the research topic and have tattoo experience were selected as a nomadic sampling method. The data analysis of the in-depth interview contents was analyzed according to the four-step method suggested by Giorgi. Results: As a result of the study, 93 semantic units, 24 sub-components, and 6 components were finally derived. The contents of the components were identified as tattoo participation motivation, SNS use, tattoo recognition change, tattoo addiction experience, negative factors, and positive factors. Conclusion: In the process of participating in the first tattoo in the life of the MZ generation, it was confirmed that tattoos exposed through SNS or mass media arouse curiosity, and the characteristics of value consumption and conspicuous consumption are reflected in tattoo participation. In addition, it was found that the tattoo participation decision time was gradually shortened as the tattoo was recognized as an accessory of the body. Through these research results, it is expected that tattoos can have realistic scalability in the cosmetic field.
    Keyword:Tattoo, Process, Re-Tattoo, Experience, Generation MZ
  • Purpose: The Korean Peninsula of the Northeast Asia is the only divided country in the world, and unlike South Korea, North Korea is isolated from against the rest of the international community due to the socialist ideology and oppression of its dictatorship, and the human rights of the North Koreans are very serious given the economic sanctions. The number of the North Korean defectors is increasing each day. Hence, through the job satisfaction according to the period of service of the security police, who can directly or indirectly support the North Korean defectors in South Korea, which is the most frequently selected by North Korean defectors, a plan for the North Korean defectors for settling in the South Korean society has been presented. Method: In this study, among police officers in the security department as of 2020 who had experience in work related North Korean defectors, 100 trainees in the Police Human Resources Development Institute were surveyed via self-administration method. Among the collected survey questionnaires, 91 were selected as valid samples, excluding those whose answers were incomplete or missing. Results: First, there is a difference in the job satisfaction according to the total period of service in the police organization. As a result of the analysis performed, Q-3 and Q-4 were high at the 5% level. As for Q-5, 20 years or longer turned out to be higher at 1% level than 6 or longer and 10 years and less and 11 or more years and 15 years or less. Q-3 is a response for “I have considerable discretion in performing my job.” Q-4 is a response for “I think that the division of duties and the relationship of authority and responsibility among the organizational employees are clarified and efficient work assignment is made.” Second, there is a difference in the police’s job satisfaction according to security and service period among police organizations. As a result of the analysis performed, at the level of 5%, as for Q-1, 10 years or longer turned out to be more satisfied with their current job and position as a police officer than 2 years or less. Q-1 is a response for "I don't think the salary level is low compared to my job." Conclusion: Given the unfortunate political and historical experiences of the South Korean society, there is a critical perception of the security police, and it is necessary to strengthen the capabilities of the security police to support the North Korean defectors. Naturally, there may be criticisms as such, but it is worth considering scholarly from the point of view of the modern liberal state philosophy such that the state exists to protect the lives and bodies of the people and human security, which has gradually expanded its scope entering the 21st century.
    Keyword:Survival, Society Adaptation, North Korean Defectors, Period of Service, Job Satisfaction
  • Purpose: While the classification of local festivals of Korea may be diverse, if they are classified according to the relevant subject, they may be classified into the traditional culture, local specialties, people representing the region, new regional contents, and the contents related to national policies, etc. Based on the analysis of local festivals designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, it is intended that the purpose of the tourism industry of the local government be further specified, and a plan for reorganizing the policies related to local festivals of the local governments be explored. Methods: The criteria for the festivals announced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are the “culture, tourism and art festivals held by local residents, local organizations, and local governments for a certain period of time (2 days or longer) and attended by a large number of unspecified people. Specifically, they are cultural tourist festivals, special product festivals, cultural arts festivals, and general festivals. The current status of local festivals of Korea is analyzed by analyzing the number of festivals held by region. Furthermore, this study has analyzed the status of local festivals by period spanning from the period of central government: President Syngman Rhee to President Roh Tae-woo and from 1993 to the Park Geun-hye administration, which was the period of local autonomy. Results: Local festival of Korea demonstrates the economic functions of regional and national economic development, political functions of securing of the regional development and local government’s finance, and the socio-cultural functions in terms of enhancing the welfare of the people in whole, while demonstrating the fact that the tourism industry has developed at a very high level. The reason as to why such an excessive number of local festivals is held is considered to be related to the political issues of increasing the showcase administration and performance achievements of the heads of local governments and the members of local council. Conclusion: Currently, local festivals of Korea are faced with many needs of improvements including specialization, economic feasibility, and evaluation. Considering the fact that the largest purpose of local festivals is to revitalize local economy and enhance image, it would be necessary to form a consultative body by and between local governments and seek a strategy for cooperation and coexistence rather than pursuing competition through the objective evaluation of the festivals which are held indiscriminately. Similar local festivals held by and between adjacent local governments ought to be integrated via co-hosting, etc., and in the case of the festivals with distinct local characteristics, a way to create synergies ought to be explored through the consultation on the period of convening, etc. Furthermore, it will be necessary to develop and introduce a more scientific and objective method of evaluation criteria for the festivals, and based on which, explore a comprehensive plan of improvement to ensure that local festivals may be of practical assistance for the regional development by deriving accurate evaluation and improvement plans.
    Keyword:Local Festival, Tourism Industry, Local Government, Value, Improvement Methods
  • Purpose: Aiming for beauty is a privilege given to humans and is accelerating with the changes of the times. Human being's awareness of beauty began when they came in contact with and experienced everything visually, and the standard of beauty began in nature. This researcher produced a hair creation work by expressing the beauty of aroma color using a hairpiece. Method: In this study, the motif of aromatic plants with natural beauty and healing functions. The work was composed by using the characteristic color of each plant as the representative color. Aroma plants suitable for characteristic colors were selected, and in order to maximize the beauty of the colors and motifs, the hairpiece was dyed and then the artwork was created in consideration of formativeness. The study on the production of the work took about 50 days between September and October of 2021. Results: The researchers conducted research on color and aromatic plants, and the aromatic plants selected as motifs for the final work were pink saffron, red rose, yellow citrus lemon, green eucalyptus, and purple lavender. Therefore, a total of 5 works reminiscent of these plants and colors were derived after considering formativeness using hairpieces. The order of producing each piece is dyeing, drying, shaping the shape, making a hat, and connecting motifs and hats. Conclusion: It was an opportunity to create various works through color dyeing using a hair piece. However, since each material was expressed only in a stable form with a similar hair piece production method, there was a lack of expressing the shape of flowers or plants using color. Since there was a dissatisfaction with a more creative and free expression, it is thought that a research on a new original technique is needed through functional perfection and proficiency with craftsmanship in subsequent works.
    Keyword:Creative, Work, Hair-Piece, Public Value, Beauty

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