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  • At the present, South Korea 's security is as urgent as North Korea's denuclearization because North Korea's espionage is very active. The core to espionage in Korea is that, since the Korean War following the invasion of North Korea, most terrorist activities and espionage activities have been executed by North Korea, anti communist investigation has targeted the North Korean regime. However, while South Korea underwent a democratic regime transfer, some regimes have been friendly to North Korea according, and counter intelligence agency dealing with intelligence on North Korea caused rapid changes to power transfer, reduction of organization, and personnel, so it is not possible to pursue the policy of counter intelligence activities coherently. Therefore, in this study, I have examined the security strategy of the Korean counter intelligence agency against North Korean espionage activities for college students majoring in security at Korean universities at the present time starting with the incident of a North Korean female spy, who was disguised as an employee for a cafe located in Gyeongsan-shi, Gyeongbuk and who was arrested after handing over the intelligence gathered on North Korean defectors to North Korea in 2014. First, South Korea's counter intelligence manpower should be increased. Second, the legal grounds for South Korea's counter intelligence activities should be further expanded. Third, it is necessary to develop various techniques of counter intelligence activities in South Korea. Fourth, the scope of counter intelligence activities should be expanded in Korea. Fifth, South Korea’s counter intelligence education should be expanded. Sixth, South Korea's counter intelligence agencies should expand investigative cooperation. As a result of the study, I was able to derive such results and have presented directions for North Korea’s espionage activities based on the political environment in Korea.
    Keyword:Korea’s Counter Intelligence Agency, National Security, North Korean Spy, Anti-Communist Investigation, Terrorism
  • Purpose; The purpose of this study was to analyze domestic trends in research on medical technologists and to suggest some of the right directions for future research on the same. Methods; As for paper retrieval, literatures were selected from the databases of Korean Education and Research Information Service(KERIS), the National Assembly Library, Koreanstudies Information Service System(KISS) and the National Digital Science Library of Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI/NDSL) and from the Journal of the Korean Association of Medical Technologists by inputting the following words: medical technology, clinical pathology, laboratory medicine tests and clinical pathology student. Out of them, 20 papers that weren't related to medical technologists were excluded, and 19 overlapped papers and two conference materials were additionally ruled out. Thus, 13 papers were selected. Results; Papers related to medical technologists started to increase in number in 2001. Six papers(46%) were written to receive a degree, and seven(54%) weren't. Seven papers(54%) that were neither theses nor dissertations were published in journals registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea, which is a renowned domestic journal, and in candidate journals for registration with it, and three(23%) that were the largest in number were published in the Journal of the Korean Association of Medical Technologists. In terms of theme, job satisfaction was covered in four(31%), and quantitative studies numbered 13(100%). Non- experimental studies numbered 13(100%). Conclusion; The effort by this study to analyze studies related to medical technologists made it possible to determine the trends in research on medical technologists and variables affecting them, and it's found that there was some room for improvement as well. In the future, ceaseless efforts should be made to produce outstanding research papers.
    Keyword:Medical technologist, Research, Trend, Health and Medical Treatment, Job Satisfaction
  • This study aimed to review discourses on child abuse that are formed in online communities related to child care information and examine interactions that contribute to the formation, criticizing violent environments against the growth of the social week or children and providing how to cope better with the harmful conditions. For this aim, the study selected some credible online communities that provide child care information and collected data from them for this research. More specifically, the research reviewed materials and replies regarding child abuse that are posted in those online communities. And then, this study analyzed the posts by using Fairclough’s Method of Critical Discourse Analysis in order to determine the superficial and social meanings of dis-course on child abuse and socio-cultural implications of that abuse. The analysis found that superficially, information about domestic violence and trustless early childhood education institutions brings the mass media-based formation of discourse on child abuse which focuses its lenses on the traditional notions of corporal punishment and discipline and puts child abusers under intense criticism and hatred. Socially, discourse on child abuse is formed in conjunction with social factors including images from mass media that show abusive parents, family discord, poor domestic environment and excessive child protection involving corporal punishment or discipline. Socio-culturally,, finally, discourse on child abuse has practical implications for the need to take measures for children’s human rights and against child abuse, increase child protection agencies and provide parent education. This study is significant in that it tried to help raise social attention to child abuse and provide social or institutional solutions to the problem by investigating discourse on child abuse that is formed in the online child care communities and discussing problems like poor domestic environment that my contribute to child abuse.
    Keyword:Investigation, Child Abuse, Theory of Critical Discourse, Fairclough, Community Discourse
  • Password is needed to create an account in most of the websites. Each website has different password and authentication policy when making an account. In addition, each country has different trend of policy in making the passwords. There are many researches about strong password and usable password. However, when it comes to practical, real world cannot adapt strong and usable password policy. South Korea is known for IT(Information Technology) and assumed to be secured in cyber space as well. However, South Korea has many problems regarding the leakage of accounts due to the password hacking. Countries beside Korea also may have analogous situation, but they may have different policies compare to Korea. Therefore, this study generally compares Korean websites’ password and authentication policies and other 5 countries’ policies by gathering policies from Alexa website and suggests recommendations.
    Keyword:Private Security, Password Policy, Authentication Policy, Korean Password Policy, Password Strength
  • Purpose; To prepare gluten free noodles, tapioca starch added to dry rice flour to prepare noodles, and color, texture and sensory evaluation were performed to determine the optimum amount of starch added. As a result of measuring the color value of rice noodle, TS10(10% of tapioca starch, 90% of dry rice flour) was the most similar in lightness. As a result of texture measurement of rice noodles, the hardness of rice noodle added with tapioca starch increased with the addition of starch, and the chewiness and cohesiveness were significantly higher than that of rice noodles. The addition of 5% and 10% of tapioca starch added to dry rice flour showed similar results to that of commercially available rice flour noodles. Therefore, the amount of starch added to dry rice flour is thought to be 5% and 10% of tapioca starch.
    Keyword:Investigation, Gluten Free Noodles, Dry Rice Flour, Texture, Sensory Evaluation