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  • Purpose; Conducting pre, postwar issues carried after liberation from Japan, establishing democratic govern-ment in South because of binary division in the country, stationing UN forces in South followed by Korean War and their armistice, helping South to join the United Nations at the time and providing solutions for human rights and nuclear weapons in North Korea are the reasons why the role of the United Nations in uniting Korean penin-sula is important. Above mentioned are so-called ‘Korean Question’ that the United Nations have inseparably been discussing. The role of the United Nations in Korean history unceasingly affects and valid to this day and the same is required to construct peace and unification in Korean peninsula. I am worried that the Korean War, which should be still remembered clearly, is forgotten over time. We often discuss North Korea academically or even in our daily lives because we see them to be reunified with South Korea. The 2018 inter-Korean summit, which the whole nation has watched, would have been a great opportunity for young people as well as the whole nation on the Korean peninsula to form a consensus on unification other than any opinion of the expert. However, we must remember the dark history of the Korean War first to understand the unification. The memory of history will gather our people to desperately want the unification.
    Keyword:Korean Question, United Nations, Collective Security System, Armistice, Peace Agreement
  • It is argued that the importance of artificial intelligence has a lot of social consensus, and that efforts to devise deeper artificial intelligence and to solve various problems are actively made. In Korea, there is a growing interest in using artificial intelligence across a wide range of societal spheres, and discussions about the future of artificial intelligence and robots in our society are becoming more active. The Korean government has also announced plans to strategically nurture artificial intelligence, which is the underlying technology of future new industries. Terrorism is one of the most serious problems facing the international community today. The possibility of terrorism, which exploits artificial intelligence and a combination of drone, is also realizing, and terrorists may attack drones and artificial intelligence robots to attack the most crowded places. This paper is intended to examine the possibility of future terrorism using artificial intelligence. To do this, we analyze the concept and development of artificial intelligence, the prospect of artificial intelligence technology development, the possibility of terrorism that exploited artificial intelligence, and the strategies to cope with it, and draw conclusions. Terrorist aspects and terrorist environments are gradually diversifying in response to changes in domestic and overseas security environments. In addition, the development of artificial intelligence technology and the possibility of exploitation of artificial intelligence, terrorism and crime related by AI are also required to be prepared. As a result, it is required to prevent abuse and exploitation of artificial intelligence as well as various countermeasures against terrorism and crime related to AI. In conclusion, artificial intelligence technology should be developed to improve the quality of human life and to prevent and overcome threats such as terrorism that threaten human life and freedom, preparing international, technological, legislative and security measures.
    Keyword:AI, Terrorism, Killer Robots, Drone, Unmanned Vehicle
  • In the half-century since the first launch of Sputnik 1 it has become impossible to consider economic, political, or scientific human life in the communication field without reference to outer space. As proved in the recent Iraq, Gulf, and Kosovo Wars, Space capability necessary actor of modern warfare. Space power is becoming a barometer of national power. Commercial and military activities were developed by the USA and former Soviet Union in the early days, but in the 21st Century many nation participate in space activities either directly or indirectly. While ongoing developments of outer space have contributed positively to the overall well-being of mankind, there have been mounting concerns that the last frontier may also turn into a political and economic battlefield. Numerous experts have foreseen a high possibility of a space arms race among dominating space powers such as the US and Russia and other emerging nations as they actively attempt to utilize space for military uses. Public opinion is growing with regard to increased measures through various international bodies, including the UN, in guaranteeing the peaceful use of outer space and preventing the space arms race. There is a growing public opinion that increased measures should be taken through the mediation of various international institutions, such as the UN, to guarantee the peaceful use of outer space and prevent the catastrophic outcome that may occur as a result of the space arms race. Such actions are indeed imperative as the non-weaponization of space will be a wasted effort otherwise. If we disregard this problem, people will be demised owing to the past tens years’ visualized 'Star Wars' scenario. As the importance of the commercial and military aspects of space is in-creasing, the vulnerability to cope with threats imposed on the utilization of space still exists and must be con-fronted. However, it is very difficult to secure international cooperation due to the narrow view on space arms control and national security, owing to the conflict of interests among nations in regard to their development of weapons and positions they hold in the international society. The outstanding example is that The United States which has been holding the position of the most advanced space power withdrew from OST in early 2000s, which would be very harmful to the efforts of arms control in space by international community. Nevertheless, a long-term and systematical approach is essential to utilize space for peaceful purposes and establish it as a common heritage of mankind(CHM).
    Keyword:Outer Space, Arms Race, Militarization, Peaceful Use, Purposes
  • In the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies(OST) Article 4 states that the moon and other bodies should be used solely for peaceful purposes. Since there is no definition of peaceful purposes in this treaty, opinions are opposed in the interpretation of Article 4. Apart from the conflicting views on these interpretations, countries have been using the outer space fore military and security purposes, and no country strongly opposes the practices of these countries. In particular, the Draft International Code of Conduct for Outer Space(ICOC) prepared by the EU has made explicit reference to the military use of outer space, and has also referred to the right to self-defense. Although the draft was not even addressed by the conflicting opinions of the different countries, it would have been an international document formulating the military and self-defense use of outer space if adopted. Based on this situation, this paper will focus on the international legal basis for the applicability of the right to self-defense in outer space.
    Keyword:Military, Self-Defense in Outer Space, Space Security, Draft International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities, International Law of Outer Space