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  • There is a great concern for infectious diseases across the world, and the U.S. Center of Disease Control(CDC) puts emphasis on the prevention of respiratory infection. However, the importance of cough etiquette is still overlooked than that of hand washing. Specifically, this phenomenon is quite serious among college students who are indifferent a lot to health and live a community life. The rate of the incorrect answers was high as to covering mouth with a hand, handkerchief, sleeve or tissue, and the compliance rate was below 30 percent as well. The compliance rates with some items were approximately three times larger than those in 2014, but the rates are still low. As a consequence, they are at high risk of various respiratory diseases and infectious illnesses that incur droplet infection. Like the case of hand washing, prolonged nationwide education should be provided about cough etiquette, and how to increase the compliance rate should carefully be considered. That is expected to lesson the burden of Middle East respiratory syndrome and influenza.
    Keyword:Human & Disaster College Student, Cough Etiquette, Droplet Infection, Infectious Disease, Practice
  • Consumers rely on media in seeking risk information about their products. Many of the products that consumers encounter commonly in everyday life are the results of highly sophisticated processes from the beginning of production to the completion stage, forcing consumers to rely on the opinions of the experts through the media in obtaining information about products. The purpose of this study was, accordingly, to analyze the actual processes in which risk information messages are provided to consumers. It is suggested that the consumers are likely to fall in risky situation due to their lack of knowledge of coping measures. It is considered, therefore, that risk communication or risk reporting in the future should provide personal measures as a prognostic framing together with diagnostic framing.
    Keyword:Content Analysis, Consumers, Media, Household Chemical Products, Information
  • This study aims to analyze the present local government status systematically and establish practical disaster and safety management system of the local government. Rural area is composed of small business farm community with people engaged in primary industry. The disaster occuring in rural area includes both social disaster and natural disaster. Urban area is differentiated from rural area in aspect of industrial composition, administration, and facility. The disaster occurring in urban area includes both social disaster and natural disaster. In adminis-trative district aspect, urbanrural complex area refers to city which connects urban and rural area spatially. Metropolitan area is a concept contrast to basic local government. Also, current workers for disaster prevention department are insufficient compared to quota. In addition, excessive number of residents is assigned per worker at disaster department. The work hours of workers at disaster department exceeds average work hours at the local government.
    Keyword:Local Government, Disaster Management System, Disaster Management, Crisis Management System, Disaster Cooperation