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  • The purpose of this study is to provide the theoretical background of resilience and the theoretical foundation of the indexes for the factors affecting the resilience of applying the disaster stage and disaster recovery process. Designing an index of community resilience can be important basic materials for policymakers to determine pol-icy priorities in terms of disaster-related policy development and geographical characteristics, as well as resilience levels. In the future, it will be possible to provide empirical evidence that policy suggestions can be made by deriving key factors affecting resilience and comparing trends.
    Keyword:Disaster, Recovery, Resilience, Disaster Management, Community Disaster Resilience
  • The handicapped are in poorer health conditions than others in the world. In addition, they tend to have lower level of academic achievement and participation rate in economic activities and higher poverty rate. This is par-tially because the handicapped ends up experiencing the barrier in the service that most of people have been enjoying so far including health, education, transportation, and career adaptation as well as information. Such difficulty tends to be more outstanding in neglected groups. Issues in career adaptation among the handicapped in Korea have been dealt with in welfare among victims in the world just like western countries in the beginning. Hereupon, the handicapped employment policies have been established and operated in Korea for the first time for the handicapped with wound from Korean War. Afterwards, they have been developed into protective means, protective career employment, and competitive employment for the handicapped. However, issues of career adaptation of the handicapped in Korea have been much concerned from pressure on protection of rights and interests of the handicapped in international society in the 1980s and effort from the handicapped. According to such trend, 'welfare act for mentally and physically handicapped people' has been enacted in Korea making the handicapped as subjects for legal rights and preparing for foundation for the devel-opment of the handicapped welfare. However, it has been systematically considered as to how to manage the risk in career adaptation among the handicapped in Korea with the necessity of research for how to adapt in career in the perspective of the handicapped and manage the risk of mal-adjustment. 1)Most of causes for the disability are not from personal factors but from traffic accidents, industrial disaster, war, disease, and environmental issues. Due to many of the handicapped in ages that are available with eco-nomic activities, employment of the handicapped is the important issue. In other words, it is required to recognize this as an issue for the entire society and make people recognize how no one is free from disability. It is required to come up with the belief for how employment and adjustment of the handicapped at work are not to be entirely taken care of by family members but also important obligations to be solved by the government and society at some degree. 2)It is required to maximize the utilization of human resources overcoming the crisis of career adaptation of the handicapped, improving their life quality from productive participation, and contributing to expand the na-tional output. 3)Besides the income, career adaptation must be able to improve recognition on human dignity and social integration, bring about personal and social profit, and completely developing talents and capacity of the hand-icapped with enhanced human dignity and social integration. 4)Due to the improvement of health and medical rehabilitation service for maintaining and extending the life and increased cases of chronic disease, the emergence of disability is in increasing rate for the next tens of years. It is also required to systemize and regularly implement education for the crisis in career adaptation according to the level of the handicapped and have them react in case of the crisis of career adaptation. Hereupon, this study is expected to understand the risk management of career adaptation of the handicapped in Korea, learn how to cope with them, and protect them from the risk.
    Keyword:Disabled, Job, Danger, Management, Research
  • In our country, Ji Seok-young conducted vaccinization in December, 1879, which was the first time to cure smallpox that was the most dreadful infectious disease. Although there is a decrease in the total quantity of infectious diseases, their relative value become larger, instead. VDP was eradicated, and it's possible to prevent and suppress water-borne and food-borne infectious diseases and diseases through parasite infections. However, there are new types of diseases that are considered as great social issues, including imported infectious diseases, zoonoses and other infectious diseases which cannot be controlled by antibiotics, which are sexually transmitted and hard to observe, and which occur through vector-borne infection, community-acquired infection or healthcare- acquired infection. And the third is taking prompt measures for the sake of patients who fail to pre-vent themselves from the disease. They should be equipped with an infectious disease surveillance system, pro-vide regular education and encourage more people to be vaccinated instead of merely depending on Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention As for the third principle, it cannot curb the spread of the disease and thereby results in doing much damage when proper early measures aren't taken. To prevent it in advance, more intensive, diverse education and careful management are required.
    Keyword:Infection Disease, MERS, SARS, Management, Public Health
  • This study was attempted to identify what traumatic event the ward nurses experience and what experience of PTSD by that is before development of program to manage the PTSD in nurses. The mental shock left in the people after suffering from the shock or disaster such as war, natural disaster, violence, etc. refers to trauma and the mental and physical symptoms appeared after the trauma are collectively referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder. The horrible event is the cause. However, its reaction may be varied how to accept the event. The symptoms may appear after the shock or after several days or years depending on the individual. In case of acute disorder, the prognosis is relatively good but in case of chronic disorder, as the aftereffect is serious, only 30% of the patients can recover, 40% show mild symptoms and rest cannot return to society with the moderate symptoms. The symptoms can be divided mainly into the hypersensitivity reaction, experiencing the shock again, emotional avoidance or paralysis. The patient having hypersensitivity shows the symptom of being always anx-ious, being on the alert about surrounding and not sleeping well. The treatment is generally made with counselling and medication at the same time. Generally, the psycho-therapy is proceeded in the form of personal interview or group interview and maintained for 6 to 12 weeks. The family friends and sometimes even the colleagues are participated to help understanding of patient. According to the type of trauma, the cognitive behavioral therapy, which make them face with their fear, are used. Sertraline(drug name: Zoloft) and paroxetine (drug name: Paxil), etc, the antidepressant, are prescribed. Other anti-psychotropic medicines are prescribed with the sleep aids. Sharing the experience with those who experi-enced the similar event such as veteran group helps alleviating the symptoms. Of course, it can be healed through the medicine or psychological therapeutic approach by the expert to over-come the current difficulties but as the saying that the origin of all diseases is the mind, the will of him/herself is essential. Although the research and therapeutic technique on the PTSD may be insufficient, it is deemed to be observed having more interests in the modern age that various events occur very much. The development of intervention program is required to prevent and manage the symptom of PTSD in nurses and the medical checkup on the mental health problem should be included in the regular health checkup.
    Keyword:Disaster, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Nurse, Republic of Korea
  • Not long ago, a fire in high‐rise buildings in London, England, killed 58 people and caused enormous damage, which is the worst fire incident in the UK since World War II. In Korea, high‐rise buildings and super tall buildings have a tendency to continue to increase, but they are more vulnerable to fire response. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss prevention and countermeasures against super tall buildings in the future. As such, super tall buildings have been increasing more and more, but super tall buildings have not been able to cope with the fire countermeasures. Thus, this article examines the fire vulnerability of super tall buildings and the difficulty of fire suppression of super tall buildings, and suggests ways to prevent and quickly cope with fire in super tall buildings in the future. Super tall buildings are more vulnerable to fire. Of course, super tall buildings are strictly regulated with firefighting facilities such as sprinklers, evacuation facilities, and firewalls rather than general buildings. However, if fire breaks out due to the failure of fire suppression in the early stage of the fire, the firefighting authority is more vulnerable to fire because the firefighting must be accompanied by considerable difficulty. In particular, firefighting and rescue operations using helicopters are also difficult to access due to the rapidly changing currents around high‐rise buildings. And as a result, firefighters must enter the super tall buildings themselves to quell the fire, which is not easy. Therefore super tall buildings fires are more vulnerable. There-fore, in case of fire in super tall buildings, fire suppression is very difficult, so more attention should be paid to fire prevention. Super tall buildings in many countries overseas, the emphasis is on expanding fire protection and fire evacuation facilities by applying very strict regulations. In Korea, it is also necessary to strengthen regulations for fire‐fighting facilities such as fire detectors and sprinklers for each building, and to strengthen the inspection in advance. The introduction of mid‐sized to large‐sized helicopters that can extinguish the fire of super tall buildings seems to be urgent. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the initial fire detection system. In addition, it would be a good way to reduce the damage by conducting evacuation drills in advance for residents.
    Keyword:Fire Response, Super Tall Buildings. Fire Suppression, Fire Vulnerability, Republic of Korea