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  • This study examined major exercise ability and related factors of disaster nursing for systematic and efficient nursing during disaster to provide fundamental material for emergency management strategy of nurses during disaster. Disaster indicates loss of human lives or property due to natural causes such as weather or man-made acci-dents (Wikipedia), and the number and damage scale of disaster is increasing in the modern society. Along with earthquake, flood, storm and other natural disasters, the man-made disaster due to the development of human-ity civilization are largely increasing, and the complicated disaster due to both human and nature is frequently occurring. As we see our society developing, Korea has seen more man-made disasters and natural disasters from glob-alization. In the example at the top, there was collapse of Sungsoo Bridge in 1994, collapse of Sampoong depart-ment store in 1995, which after the cases, the Ministry of Health and Welfare started to run movable emergency vehicle for field medical center for disasters since 1997 in 16 cities and states emergency center, but because it is fragmentary and limited to disasters, it is rather insufficient as an inclusive disaster management. Based on National Disaster Medical System(NDMS), USA started to prepare massive disaster training to handle the mas-sive disaster situation in 1984, earlier than Korea. In the beginning, they started to make preparation with mili-tary with personnel and resources, than later started to compose Disaster Medical Assistance Teams(DMAT) in each hospital. Disaster nursing can be defined as providing nursing to people in demand by using professional knowledge and technology systematically to reduce the risk to health and life caused by disaster. The nursing disaster recip-ient includes victim, family of victim, and rescue worker, and the nursing provision unit includes individual, family, group, and community. Therefore, nurses are required to have nursing ability which accommodates general and various demands rather than having specialized nursing ability. Therefore, the nurses must be experts who understand the direction of nursing based on disaster paradigm. Also, nurses must provide with physical, mental nursing regarding the individual circumstances of survivors. The study have conducted literature review from domestic and foreign papers to deal with measures including sys-tematic, efficient, quick treatment, save precious lives of patients and prevent disability and believe these meas-ure will be able to save huge cost and time occurred from disaster. Accordingly, there is a need for nursing education program about promotion and disaster nursing that can cope with disaster with specific measures. Also, the tool based on disaster nursing capability should be developed to objectively evaluate the knowledge and technology provided to patients from disaster.
    Keyword:Disaster, Republic of Korea, Emergency, Management, Health
  • Adolescence is a rapid change of physical, psychological state mental health problems but also the prime of life is easy to develop also in times of crisis. This study was tried to examine realization degree about children's mental health problem to parents who keep youth children, and presents countermeasure plan on the basis of youth mental health problem administra-tion present condition from domestic and outside the country. Examined to parents who keep youth children inhabiting to B city for parents' realization investigation about youth mental health problem, investigation period was enforced over about 1 month from October 8, 2012. By enumeration method through preparatory audit(pilot-test), expert inquiry correction and supplementation. It was said that there is no result of study, 27.3% of parents responded that youth children have mental health problem, and experience that 67.2% of these seeks cooperation in the school for problem solution. Degree that recognize youth mental health problem and experience that seek cooperation in the school for children’s mental health problem solution of study were shown low ratio. Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Ministry of Education, Health-Welfare Ministry and NGO is progress-ing youth' problem behavior administration, mental health examination, suicide courtesy call and program for positive realization change for our country youth mental health administration, and the United States of America and Britain are administering support program for each parents·family support program and school violence prevention as outside the country example. Present our country youth mental health administration who analyze interior and exterior's program are do-ing to school and youth mainly, and program that manage with parents can confirm that is unprepared relatively. Therefore, for communication and stress administration program and family bonds strengthening doing to par-ents and youth children for youth mental health problem solution. Must have systematic backing, and need continuous educational connection and national policy for mutual interchange that compose parents - school conference. I wish to quoat countermeasure plan to manage youth mental health problem on the basis of this. First, need two-way and positive communication education program. Second, it must be educational link and on-time interchange composing school-parents conference. Third, weekend must strengthen family’s bonds by recreation of holiday that attend to learning program or experience program after school. Fourth, it must be establishment of debate culture policy.
    Keyword:Crisis, Youth, Mental Health, Stress, Depression
  • These days, adolescents’ school violence behavior increases significantly, and levels of violence behavior tends to be higher so that it becomes a serious social issue. Taekwondo training is proposed as an alternative to prevent school violence behavior. This study examines the difference which the self-respect formed through Taekwondo training can make. Also the effect of self-respect on aggressiveness and school violence behavior is inspected closely. To accomplish the purpose of this study, the data of 472 students, including teenagers attending middle school in D metropolitan city, is analyzed through convenience sampling method. Frequency analysis, reliability analysis, independent sample t-test, and multiple regression analysis were performed using SPSS version 20.0. With sig-nificance level of p<.05, the following conclusion was obtained. As a result of analyzing the difference in self-respect according to Taekwondo training, social self-respect showed statistically significant difference according to training. In the effect of self-respect on aggressiveness, domestic self-respect showed negative(-) correlation with indi-rect aggressiveness but showed positive(+) correlation with negative aggressiveness and physical aggressiveness. Social self-respect showed positive(+) correlation with indirect aggressiveness, negative aggressiveness, physical aggressiveness and irritable aggressiveness. Overall self-respect showed positive(+) correlation with linguistic aggressiveness, indirect aggressiveness and irritable aggressiveness. In the effect of self-respect on school violence behavior, overall self-respect showed positive(+) correlation with relational violence behavior and physical violence behavior but negative(-) correlation with sexual violence behavior. Social self-respect was found to have positive(+) correlation with sexual violence behavior, relational violence behavior and physical violence behavior. To raise awareness of the value of Taekwondo training, this study should be generalized as a study with sam-ples taken nationwide to consider social and cultural characteristics. More meaningful results can be deduced by conducting a longitudinal study on the changing process of Taekwondo trainees about Taekwondo participation.
    Keyword:Crisis, Taekwondo, School Violence Behavior, Aggressiveness, Self-Respect
  • The casino business in Korea developed by the spread of the desire of the people in leisure through economic development and progress of the level of income, and since the end of the 1990s, it started in Gangwondo for the development of the closed mine areas with the lead of the Korean government, and ‘Gangwon Land’ was the first exclusive casino for the locals and has developed through the different kinds of support from the government. Recently the casino businesses in the world are changing from simple gambling into Total Entertainment by joining resorts, theme parks and conventions and the safety measures of customers are being treated as very important. Meanwhile, the Korean government also approved installing more tables and slot machines within the casinos and announced expansions of the business and continuous investments so the scale is looking to be even more expanded in the future. Also, the casino business has become enlarged and specialized and has brought changes to the organization managements as well. But in these organization managements, the ability of the people is being evaluated most importantly and the business competitions today are focused on securing human resources and the utilization of the talented people. But until a recent date, the expansion of the Korean casino market has increased to various kinds of incidents and accidents and the focus is on the role of the security employees. Until now the casino related studies that were announced in Korea are marketing, job satisfaction and turno-ver intentions, and Bong-juKim(2014), who is the representative of the advanced research in this topic, stated that the job stress can be controlled through the fairness of the personal appraisals systems for casino employees. But it is hard to see this study related to the personnel system of the security organization of casinos. Therefore this study aims on the personnel system of security management of casinos through interviews with the security employees in casinos. To accomplish this study, qualitative methods were used for this exploratory topic and from April 2015 to September 2015, about 5 months, 15 employees each in Seoul and Busan in Korea, of more than 5 years of ex-perience were interviewed. Research results of the crisis of the personnel system of Korean casino security organizations are as below. First, the problem was the recruitment of temporary positions of casino security employees brought a fall to the business specialty and responsibility. Second, the personnel management of the casino security organizations didn’t have good circulation so it turned out that the personnel congestion was excessive. Third, through the expanding portion of the service business on casino security employees, they cannot con-centrate on their security tasks and this was leading to the absence of employees of specialization in security. Fourth, due to the lack of casino security employees the declination of the ability to react on crisis situations was being caused. Currently there are about 2000 enterprises in the casino business all over the world and the numbers are increasing in Korea as well. Therefore based on the research results, the maintenance of the relations act through policy proposals are hoped for.
    Keyword:Disaster, Security, Casino, Security Organization, Personnel System