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  • After the plague based on the Corona virus began in Wuhan, China in late 2019, it has been on a global pan-demic. Usually, disease occurs spontaneously in order to minimize entropy in natural order. However, Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19) is said to have been artificially made in a laboratory in China to prepare for future dis-eases. Responsibility theory is raised by this speculation. In particular, sever influenza fluctuates at similar times in the United States, continuing a mutually responsible battle. In the process of overcoming the disease, criticism of the role and status of World Health Organization(WHO) and monopoly of information in a specific country also appeared. Japan suffers from the problems of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. In addition, COVID-19 has various issues. In order to overcome this plague, which has become a problem around the world, high citizenship, medical mission, and politician leadership are needed. In Korea, various cutting-edge big data are being used to identify the definitive. These techniques should not be limited to just finding infected people. Variety of politics, economy, society, culture and education affected by plague. Therefore it is necessary to apply Artificial Intelli-gence(AI) technology.
    Keyword:Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19), Global Pandemic, Entropy, World Health Organization(WHO), Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Charac-ter Education is, more importantly, requested as the times develop. Students' intellectual abilities are also critical, but the character skills they need to have as a person are also necessary. For teachers who will teach students in school, character education is not just a matter of interest. Teachers must have the capacity to improve students' personality abilities. This study analyzes the level of interest in character education for pre-service teachers in Korea and tries to give some implications to AI Ethics.
    Keyword:Character Education, Concern-Based Adoption Model(CBAM), Teacher Education, Pre-service Teacher, AI Ethics
  • Northeast Asian Countries of Korea, China, Japan has not experienced massive migrant crisis before and also not been noticed from migrant issue debating. But the informatization and globalization slowly but gradually drives Northeastern Countries into migrant issues. These countries are coping with various types of migrants, e.g. North Korean Defectors and marriage immigrants. And Korea experienced Syria-Yemen migrant crisis at 2018 which is detonated from European refugee crisis, and that induces forecasting of various forms of migrant issues would be unfold at onshore Northeastern Asian Countries. The characteristics of these kinds of migrant crisis are its large size and unpredictable time line. Current AI cognitive computing technology could be applied to analyze the nature of migrant crisis and to support effective policy making that corresponds migrant crisis.
    Keyword:Migrant Crisis, Northeastern Countries, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Cognitive Computing, Migrant Policy