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  • With the spread of smartphones and tablet PCs beyond the users of personal PCs connecting the Internet, cyber space has become an existential stage that directly affects our life rather than a simple virtual space. The first level of SNS ripple effect is that it functions as a media medium for marketing, publicity, and entertainment due to the network function that makes it easier to build so-called connections. On the other hand, the other attribute of SNS is exposed to the negative aspect which is used as a means of various crimes. Among the char-acteristics of SNS, since the location information service is accompanied and the personal privacy information is exchanged, exposure of location information and personal information eventually leads to privacy violation it is likely to lead to other crimes. In terms of criminal policy, privacy is important and constitutionally recognized rights, and personal infor-mation infringement is also closely related, so personal information and privacy violation are not related to crime. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the crime prevention aspect from the viewpoint of the users, and it is considered that the responsibility should not be overlooked from the viewpoint of the business operator. In other words, if you understand the nature of SNS and understand the awareness and danger possibility, you can be protected from SNS crime damage. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how well SNS users understand the attributes of SNS. Considering that cybercrime using SNS is mainly based on weakness of personal information protection, we use social networking service(SNS) so that personal information management can be carried out under self responsibility by educating and educating SNS users. It is necessary to establish clear guide-lines on the limitations on the use of location information and surrounding information as the type and scope of personal information required for SNS subscription, and as linkage information.
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  • The general tendency of contemporary Crime in the 21st century is transnational, intelligent, difficult to prove, related to much illicit money and collaborative among criminals especially in North East Asia. It is difficult to recover criminal assets in North East Asia not only because of the lack of the necessity recognition for the criminal asset recovery but also the limitation of the governance for the efficient mutual legal assistance in criminal matters including the incompletion of the legislation for the Asset Recovery. Non-Conviction Based Confiscation is also based on the completion of the legislation and the willingness for the substantial collaboration among the judicial organizations in Northeast Asian countries.
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  • Cyber terrorism has emerged internationally since the mid-1990s when networking began to take place. However, in most cases, the damage was localized by hacking the network of related organiza-tions and hacking for economic gain in order to inform individual or organization claims. However, as we look at the year 2015, the s pread of computer networks and the dependence of the infrastructure on this network are not comparable to those of the 1990s. The fact that major broadcasting companies and financial institutions are temporarily paralyzed by the cyber terrorism incident on March 20, 2013 and June 25, 2013, revealing the vulnerability of the social infrastructure, reveals the danger of cyber terrorism It is imperative to prepare countermeasures. In particular, major social infrastructures and services of the modern countries including Korea are gradually being connected and controlled by ICT technology. In case of facility and service failure caused by unauthorized access to such facilities, the impact on the normal operation of other core facilities may become very large. In particular, there is a serious problem in that the infringement of the network connecting the national infrastructure such as communication, finance, water supply, power, etc. and controlling each information system may cause obstacles in the whole country rather than simple cyber infringement. In this way, cyber terrorism cases against the state infrastructure have been actualized. In addition to the cases described above, there are many cases of cyber terrorism in Korea. In recent years, cyber terrorism targeting Korea has tended to occur in order to impose damage to national infrastructure such as GPS, telecommunications, broadcasting, and financial facilities. This is because the risk of individual criminal activity to threats to national security. In the ICT era, cyber terrorism is a new threat to national security and it is a new type of risk source that is discussed in modern risk society. Therefore, there is a need to cope with criminal policy and legislation.
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