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  • In Korea, suicide was caused by school violence and it became a social problem. The school violence prevention law was enacted to allow students to take action on school violence victims, protect students from harm, and resolve disputes between them. The existing system of school violence was able to regulate school violence, but the Act on the Prevention of School Violence was enacted to more effectively protect the victims and prevent school violence. According to the Act on the Prevention of School Violence, each school has its own organization called the Autonomy Committee. Self-governing committees usually conduct school violence prevention activities. In the event of school violence, students should take a neutral standpoint and take initiative measures, protect victims, and make dispute resolution. This is an institution to resolve school violence on its own within the school. However, school violence is a criminal offense, and there is controversy over handling school violence within the school. Especially, there is controversy about the scope of the school violence prevention law. In this paper, the main contents of the school violence prevention law are reviewed and the scope of the school violence prevention law is clarified as follows. First, it is the coverage area. According to the School Violence Prevention Act, school violence is violence in and out of school. In other words, it is because school violence can occur not only in the educational activities outside the school but also on the way to and from school. Therefore, it is necessary to interpret it widely based on the relation with the school. Second, it is human scope. The School Violence Prevention Act stipulates that school violence is a "student-directed" act. If the victim is a student, the law must apply regardless of whether the perpetrator is a student or not. Third, it is the action to be applied. In the school violence prevention law, school violence uses the notion of criminal law, such as injury and assault, and it should be interpreted independently in judging it, but it should be interpreted same as the concept of criminal law to prevent unified interpretation and confusion.
    Keyword:School Violence, School Violence Prevention Law, Protection Measure, Self-Government Committee, Leading Measure
  • The labor union means a group of workers organized by workers for the purpose of maintaining and improving working conditions and improving their economic and social status. In modern Western countries, the importance of police union organized in the early 20th century is increasing within the police organization and the it also plays a role as a law-protected labor organization. In Korea, however, the government did not approve of the police union. This study examined the three basic labor rights and significance of the government employees’ union and the trends of police unions in Germany, the United States, and Japan according to the World Labor Organization standards, and then compared the basic labor rights of Korea police union with them. As a result, the police officer’s basic labor rights of Korea police union are not authorized. Therefore, the establishment of Korea police union to obtain basic labor rights of Korea police officers as an employee should be actively considered, also the extent, scope and procedures of allowing Korea police union should be smoothly implemented within the legal system.
    Keyword:Labor Criminal Law, Labor Union, Police Officer, Labor Rights, Public Peculiarity
  • In this paper, we have examined the issues to be considered for the protection of industrial security technology from a criminal law perspective. Infringement of industrial security technology is a field that can threaten the existence and security of the state as well as impeding national competitiveness, and it is common to discuss it in the national security area. Furthermore, the threat of national security has diversified, and the effective control over industrial security technology is getting more difficult. Therefore, this study distinguishes two important areas to be considered for protection of industrial security technology. First of all, although industrial security technology belongs to the field of protection, it is confirmed that un-conditional protection is moving toward a hyperconnected society, and that there is no reality at the moment. Secondly, it pointed out that criminal punishment is at the forefront of protection of industrial security technology, especially that the creation of new crime should be judiciously cautious. In the concrete criminal procedure, it prevents prevention of intentional leakage of sensitive industrial security technology. In order to proactively protect the industrial security technology, it is necessary to consider how to institutionalize information sharing among the related organizations involved in the protection of industrial security technology. In addition, the protection of industrial security technology can be limited only by the efforts of the public sector. Therefore, we examined the possibility of utilizing the private investigator. Finally, we assume that the industrial security technology is traded in the dark net, which is newly emerging as a crime market.
    Keyword:Justice & Law, Industrial Security, Balance of Protection and Utilization, Dark Net, Symbolic Criminal Law